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Pedal kick leading foot


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Ok just after some advice please I have recently got myself a bike and have decided to try trials again after 8 years I've been watching allot of video and noticed that all the videos ive seen use there right foot as there leading foot to pedal kick. Now I'm usualy right footed but have always done this with my left ?? I've tried to learn with my right but just can't and worry that because my left leg isn't as strong as my right it may affect the distancs I can jump etc ? What do you guys think stupid question I know but it's anoying me lol

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It's strange because I usually wheely leading with my right foot and find it hard to roll into a jump with my left but from a stand still I can hop and do some decent jumps/gaps on my left I picked up my bike yesterday and spent most the day riding I'm paying for it now with blistered hands lol

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