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Guest Jon MacKinnon

Location: Weston-super-Mare

Oh my god, I dont know what to say. RIP DJ, I never actually met you, but you were such a lively fellow from what I saw of you in videos and at NASS. This has shocked me so much.



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Guest jamie bullck (spoonz)

Location: 3 mile away from deej house

Dude i wish you came to oxford when i asked you ro ride today.
You truely were the nicest trials rider ive ever met, always there when people needed you and always there when people wanted your help.

I guess you are not going to ride solo with me on tuesday then next week. but im going to go on my own anyway, see you threr mate in spirit.

Miss you mate always.

Spoonz (jamie B)


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I can't believe this. I saw DMRider's addy and saw "RIP Deej" and thought, "Oh, he must've stopped riding." Then I saw a few more, and found out what happened... I really, really can't believe this. This sucks so much.

Just been sent an article from BBC about it by Aust - it's even worse that he was killed by some #@*%!ing joy-riders. I hope they get life. It won't bring him back, but shit they deserve something.

My thoughts and condolences go out to DJ's friends, family and to Em who we all know how much he loved.


P.S. Maybe someone who knows Deej could tell his parents about this page?

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Guest interested (cathy)

DJ, you made the forum a happier place with that hair cut and that smile,you were always a joker but helped were you could.You took your last ride today,we all hope you enjoyed it.
Ride your bike in heaven .

RIP my thoughts are with your family ad friends.

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