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Guest Danny (again)

Just another one to remind everyone to place a ring of black tape around your frame as a mark of respect. I remember one of the last conversation i had with him was about halfords!! All bikes I sell tomorrow will be leaving with a ring of black tape. You brought sunshine down on everyone you talked to, truely a legend.

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Guest Leo (excaliborg)

Location: cheshire

Having spoke to DJ online, and designed the FBM website for him, he seemed to nice, it is a such a shame i am really sad :-(

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Guest trialsrider

had a message a while back, again, this is completely shocking. it's hard to lose somebody you know....best regards.

i put black all over my bike, in recognition of you, DJ.
others-i hope you do the same. i will be leaving mine on there for quite a while. :-(

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Guest Nick (muska)

Location: basildon essex

omg this is soo bad :( i didnt even know the guy but i feel like i have known him forever now this has happend he will truely be missed by many if not all DEEJ! you will never be forgotten!! (quote from bongo) make the effort to wear a black band on your bike frame. a simple way of saying all through the trials world. DJ, YOU WILL BE MISSED. we should all do this and never take it off our bikes to remember him for ever


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Guest matt_urban

Location: southampton

:-( i cryed when i got told deej was a real jem of a guy he fell in love not so long ago he wasent scared to show it ! rip mate u have really made a big impact on all our lives . you will be missed by us all we all love u deej xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Guest Lucy

I only met DJ once but he was such a fun guy to b around.
I know he will be sadly missed!
My thoughts are with his friends and family.

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Guest Niall Cardin

Location: Oxford

DJ was always really cheerful and friendly, really cool guy. Was always great news if DJ was coming out, I definitely made an extra effort to be there if he was going.

It's really hard to understand that he won't be around anymore.

My most sicnere condolences to his family, my thoughts are with you,


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Guest bongo

something just clicked.

i'm getting ready for bed, i rode tonight, i had some tea. everything was normal, but "down the road" all this was happening.

god only knows what his loved ones are going through. its a great shame. i hope they learn of the impact deej had on so many people that didn't even know him.


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Guest Mark

Yeah John, I was thinking that... It's so crazy that while that happened, I was feeling sorry for myself 'cos I had to stay in school for 2 hours to do art. When you think about life and stuff like that, about how it could be so, so much worse you kinda learn to appreciate what you've got...

I left a message on his MSN for his family and gave them a link to this page. Don't know if they'll read it or not. I hope they do. I can't imagine how hard it must be for his parents. Having brought him up for 17 years, then to have him taken away all 'cos 2 cars were racing each other... It's just madness. I can't believe it's happened. I wouldn't say I knew him all that well, but I dunno... I felt almost hollow when I heard about it...

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Guest Jon MacKinnon

Location: Weston-super-Mare

Yeah, just think, what were you doing at 3.10PM on the 14th May 2004. While you were just finishing school for the weekend, or on your way home, still at work, or uni/college, an innocent young man lost his life to some stupid joy riders, this incident means nothing to so many people, but yet to the few that knew him it means so much.

Why did this have to happen.

RIP DJ. You will be missed by so many.

My love is with you and your family always and forever.

Jon MacKinnon


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Guest Leo farnono

Dj was one of my best mates and a team memeber i miss him so much already and i cant stop crying Dj i mis you so mucj and i lovved u like a brother man! i love u and miss u

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Guest Sebatian Charles (Ergosum)

RIP Deej.

I'd never met DJ in person, but his presence on the Trials-Forum was unforgettable. I've never known someone so friendly, positive and happy. It takes someone really, really special to reach out to all the forum members in such a touching, warm way. Not only was he a top guy, but an absolutely superb rider.

I'll never forget you DJ.

I send out my greatest sympathies to all he knew and loved him.

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I really do hope they play this song.

John, I totally agree, what te #@*%! is happening now. People like me that met him twice or so, we are almost in tears, but close friends and family, it must be impossible for them. My thoughts are really with them, especially Em.

Scarey song on virgin now, Perfect day. Meh :-(

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Guest chris fryer

Location: Oxford.

DJ was an awesome guy to be around and a very talented rider. I'm so sorry for all the riders, and for David's family. You should be very proud. x

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Guest Hanna W

Location: Abingdon..Grew up with DJ

I know it's been a while since we last spoke..our Mums were pregnant at the same time, we grew up together.
Your family have always been so close to mine, and you've left a gap nobody could ever fill.
From what I've seen..you were an amazing guy, and alot of people respected you. I don't really know what to say mate, but you will be missed, by everybody..and they will catch those idiots, and they will be punished for taking an Angel back up to heaven, even though it wasn't your time yet. You've no idea how much you'll be missed.
We all love you DJ, We really, really do.
Go up there and show them how its done..you always were amazing.
Condolences to Em, and thank you to everyone putting messages on here, you're all so sweet.

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Guest Steve Spurgeon (Heatsink)

Location: Cambridge

DJ had such a positive influence on so many people in the trials community. Not only those whom have riden with him, but the many, many more on TF who have enjoyed his sense of fun, his love of life, and his generous nature.

I was looking forward to continuing our chat about my connections to Abingdon, and finding out whether or not my brother lived across the road from him or not. Such trivialities, it seems now, but the way he found fun in the small things was infectious. The world seemed such as small world then, only hours ago, and an even smaller one now.

Now he will transcend all that he has achieved, the positivity he has given to others and be with us all our lives. Always 17, as we grow old and eventually arthritus puts a stop to us even riding a pedal bike.

DJ will live forever in us all.


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Guest Dave Dennis

Location: Norwich

Like so many people i never got the chance to meet you, yet your likeableness and good nature was so obvious to see. I will remember you in such a positive light and even though your life was short this log is proof of how many people you touched. I really feel for your family and close friends i cant begin to imagine how bad it must feel.

I will be riding for you tommorow. I can tell youd want as many of us to get out and ride as possible. SO come on everyone get out there for DJ.

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Guest Andy (on that? u must be joki)

Location: Scarborough

Just want to send my condolences to family and girlfriend.
I never met you in person Deej, but you seemed a really sound guy, and one of the few people really comfortable in life.
Sorry to see you go.


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