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Guest Adrian

Location: Bath

Only met him once, when i was a wee nipper in trials. A really cool guy. This is a really sad thing to hear. thoughts go out to his family and friends. R.I.P DJ.

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Guest Mark (Jang)

Location: Bristol

It was a great honour to know DJ, he was one of the most genuine people i know, not a bad word for anyone.
I'll always have good memories of DJ, the little things he used to do and say, if he could say something now, it would probably be for us to keep our chin up and keep riding. Ride in DJ's name. I'll always look up to him, he was always helpful, willing to talk etc. Theres alot of bad people and out of everyone it happened to him :(
I hope his family gets to read this, they should be proud of there son.
my thoughts are with you x x

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Guest bongo

i've sent this round my msn list.

make the effort to wear a black band on your bike frame. a simple way of saying all through the trials world. DJ, YOU WILL BE MISSED.

its so true deej.


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Guest Seb JT

Location: brighton, E sussex

This is so sad to hear. Didnt know him personally but if just a really sobering thought. Such a shame of a good life, to go in such a way. Thoughs to family and friends


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Guest Penktrials2

My thoughts are with your family and your friends,

Your face, your smile, I have never seen
I don't know the color of your skin
Your voice and laughter I have never heard
I don't know if it is soft or loud
Your hugs I have never felt
I don't know the strength of your arms
Your hand I have never touched
I don't know if it is calloused and worn

But to me you are my FRIEND
Dearer and sweeter than many I've found.
The question come to me, "How can that be?"
You don't know a face, a touch or a sound
But is it the physical nature of a person
That causes me to call you "my friend"
Or the feel of a touch or the strength of a hug?
I don't need those for you to be my friend

You have shared with me words of strength
At times I have felt weak and worn
You have brought to me a smile, a laugh
Uplifting me and bringing me joy
You have bent your "ear" to me and listened
Then gently guided and directed me with your words
You have hugged me tight and wiped my tears
Then generously gave to me above and beyond

You are more to me than words on a screen
For behind those words is a person who cares
A person with feelings, a tear, and a laugh
Who holds my mind safe and secure
For even though I don't know your face, your touch
I feel and see you in my mind

You have been all to me that I needed you to be.
Now and forever within my heart ---

{author unknown}

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Guest Carll Stanton

Location: Abingdon

Dj was more than a friend to me.he was like a brother.I would like to keep the fluffy bunny movement going,in loving memory of the best friend i had.
and i would like to organise a ride sometime soon in oxford.as many people as possible.i will get back to you all on dates.thank you to everyone who knew him.

in loving memory


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Guest Dan Campbell (dan_brisa)

DJ you truly are an amazing guy, allways cheery and encouraging, you will not be forgotten.

Rest In Peace, Sorely missed


Those who remember a tribute DJ did for the old pashley named tara.mpg should watch it, its a great tribute to a great man.

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Guest trialsrider

speechless......i didn't even know him, but that is saddening, especially because he was a good guy, and had things on an upturn (sponsor ship, engagement possible?)
Rest In Peace DJ, i hope you can ride your bike in heaven :-(

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Guest Bigman, aka Adam Phillips

DJ will be missed by so many people, i realy feel for his family and Em at the moment, i never met him but spoke to him over the net laods, he was a sound guy who never deserved this.

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Guest james (swindon)

Location: swindon

i cant believe he has actually gone :s this is so strange. i was very good mates with him and talked all the time.

not sunk in yet...

pissed off with these boy racers :@

we love you deej

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Guest Jonny Edwards

Location: Colchester Uni

Words cannot sum up how #@*%!ed up this really is.

I was soooo looking forward to meeting him again at Nass. I wish i could have met him at the bikeshow aswell.

My thoughts go out to your family and friends and ur gf Em.

You will be missed sooo much.

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Guest Onzaboymark

It's weird timing what with the start of that "Are you scared of death?" thread... I said in that I didn't really mind about death 'cos it was all going to happen to us anyway, but after this I've changed my mind. Someone else I knew died recently, and it just kinda made me think "Maybe I should tell people more stuff", as in if I'm good friends with them let them know and stuff... but yeah, it was just weird reading through here from people who wanted to meet him but didn't 'n' stuff. Maybe I was wrong about the "Live life to the full thing" being a load of rubbish...

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Guest simon doyle (differentbikes)

he was a living legend.
he now is one.

he'll be happy he died with his bike.

RIP sir Deej, an inspiration to us all.

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Guest Joe (joe_cambs)

Location: Cambridge

I offer my condolences to DJ's friends and family. He was a shining light on TF and always seemed on top of things. He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.


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Guest Bill

Location: Rochester, Kent

I am sorry this had to happen to him, he was such a nice person when i talked to him on msn! so many worse people this oculd have happened to! it really annoys me! I reckon we should get all his vids hosted and put in a sticky so everyone can get them, whats everyone else think?

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Guest BIll (again)

Also my thoughts go out to your friends and family, must be terrible for them. Hope your enjoying yourself up in heaven ;-)

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Guest Sam hewitt

Location: Farnham

i just dont beleive it. i cant express my feelings, its like a bottleneck of sadness

i loved dj, was the best guy any1 cud know. i cant imagine how his closest friends and family feel.

Carl, i know you were so close to him, im here for you. contact me if you want to talk.

theres too much emotion to express, im just so sad its ever happend :-(

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Guest Alan Felton

I was Lucky enough to get to ride with DJ unlike a lot of people on here.

It's such a shame that something terrible like this has to happen for people to show their thought's, feelings and experiences for someone.

I think in light of this everyone should try extra hard to get along with each other and have it the way DJ would have wanted it.

I never saw him argue with anyone once about anything he always had positive feedback to give to people. We should all take a leaf out of his book.

Rest in peace. Thanks for your actions.

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Guest royalwithcheez

Woah shit, thats so unbeleivable. Rob, one of the members of another forum also died recently.. and he was the greatest of people ever, just like Deej, it always happens to the best people. No matter what grumpy sods were moaning about whatever it was, deej was usually there making everyone laugh! and its for being such a great bloke, he knows up there that no-ones gonna forget him. i never knew him personally, but you can just tell theyre #@*%!ing great people.

rest in peace mate, and thoughts go out ot everyone who knows him,his friends,family and everyone else.


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Guest Shez.Sheridan

Location: Widnes

Although I never met him in person, I have through the forum...it reaches far & wide; to all those who knew him in person, and those who felt his presence - My deepest sympathies & condolences.

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Guest Mrscott & Twentyinch

Both of us met deej at the bikeshow with boon, what a top Geeeza.

His wiggy fro and black blazer with the pink bunny and sheep buttons will be dearly remembered

All our thoughts are with his family and friends

R.I.P deej mate

Chris & Craig

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