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Mini Seats


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I just cut sections off it until it was at the size I wanted then filed the edges smooth, tis loads better now :- hope this helps, this should be in trials chat by the way,

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well I used a planet-x trials seat, a union jack one, got bored of it n ripped all the union jack n paddin off, it was just like the old beefier brisa seat then. But then I put very sharp knife to seat and cut away with glee, right down to a tiny seat with no structure support underneath as I dont really sit on it at all.

THEN.... I rubbed it all down and primed it and then put 5 layers of pearlescent midnight blue on it then laquer finished it and it looks f*cking brilliant.

I'll have to send sum pics of it in!!!

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You could use a hot knife my mate did and he made a rather nice job of it and to finish it off sand it down.

I used plyers, wasnt a very good idea as it gave me blood blisters on my fingers and took ages.

Or a grinder quick easy and effective.

and maybe to add a little sexyness cover it in leoperd skin fabric niiiiiiiiice.

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ye I have got it all off now

Edited by Mark: Got any pics of it?

Edited by onza trials: mark il get you some, give me a few days to find the seat out again lol, but il try and get some decent pictures of it

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