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Modding a Ti bashring on Trialtech Sport Lite Splined Crankset


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So, I know one of the new fancy pants cranksets would be super awesome, but I bought this trialtech sport lite splined crankset when they were first released, and it's been real good to me.  My only complaint is the bashrings.  I've broken one, and the other has bent back and forth a few times.  Occassionally I've bent it too much to ride and need to go home and straighten it out.

But lucky for me I've had a Trialtech Ti half bashring in my parts bin forever.  (actually it was one of the whole double sided ti ones, but I chopped off one side).  So with a dremel, a file, and wayyyy more time than it should've taken I notched in some splines so it would fit on the crankset.   Looks pretty sharp too!




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