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  1. @aener What is your exact setup dude? I've got some TT splined cranks and would like to put a fixed sprocket on the front and Hope hub rear. I was looking at sprockets but was unsure what would work spacing-wise.
  2. I saw on Instagram the other day that Halo have released a 110mm width "BMX race" version of their Supadrive hub, complete with disc mounts. At 120EPs it sounds tasty, especially by the time you factor in gear ratios/EPs at the cranks. It's cool to see a disc freehub option for mod riders, but the question is - would you ride one? The ratchet is pretty fine, but there's a fair few teeth on each wedge-style pawl so it should in theory be fairly solid? https://www.halowheels.com/shop/components/mxr-supadrive-disc-hub/
  3. Cheers! I thought it was Euan, but wasn't completely sure as I know there's a few machinists on here
  4. Hi chaps, I remember seeing that somebody was machining up a bolt-in axle conversion for front Hope hubs? I've got a QR fitted to my Pro 4 at the moment but it's not quite up to it so would like a hefty pair of bolts holding it instead. Can anybody point me in the direction of whoever was making these up? Cheers
  5. Hey chaps, Just wondering if anybody has the measurements for a Spank Subrosa 24" rim? It's one of the old gold ones (incase there have been various models with different measurements ). I've tried measuring it up, but a tape measure is only so accurate so thought I'd check with you dudes as I don't fancy buying spokes twice. If you're feeling particularly helpful, it would be smashing if you could figure out the spoke length needed to lace 3x to Pro 4s front and rear (trials version rear). I've got a figure of 226mm and 228mm front and 228s at the back but would like confirmation Cheers, Joe
  6. Pretty much sacked off trials completely (Moto and bicycle) a while back and ended up getting this. I cracked the swingarm about a month after getting it, then it was away for a month being sorted on warranty. Since getting it back the shock has somehow got a load of oil in the air chamber and needs sending off, plus it's suspiciously creaking despite being stripped and thoroughly greased. Despite all of that, I absolutely love riding it (when it works) and it has got me to places I never thought I'd be.
  7. I haven't ridden my trials bike in about 6 months and was contemplating selling up... Watching this for about the fourth/fifth time gave me an urge to ride that I thought I'd never get again! So much so that I went and rebuilt my Arcade back up ready to go and have a play on Seriously good stuff, Ben. Just wish there was moooooore
  8. You can't exactly compare Chris and Danny though. It's like comparing Formula Drift to Formula 1. Yes they both have 'formula' in the name and involve some madmen on four wheels, but that's about all of the simularities
  9. Really enjoyed this. I love the rough yet finessed moto style he has. I also love the fact that Chris doesn't ride a 'non-trials bike' in a gimmicky way like you see so many others do. There's no fakie nose manuals for the sake of it/hopping across rails/those nasty pivot-tap-180-360 things. He just rides his bike how he wants and impresses with the little details like the half cranks that give you the special tingles and techy lines that riders will appreciate rather than cliché moves for the masses.
  10. Ah, bummer dude! No worries, these things happen and it's obviously best to not risk a tendon snappage, so we can rearrange when you're sorted
  11. The spot is only a 2 minute roll down a hill from me, so 10 is okay with me. Gives me a reason to get out of bed too!
  12. Mannington Rec in Rodbourne is a really nice spot, but I've got a feeling it might be a bit squishy so we could always head to a skatepark just down the road from there/find other street spots around there if needs be?
  13. I'm good for Saturday if it's not chucking it down How about you, @CMH?
  14. Haha, I've got no problems with that. I can do some Saturdays and most Sundays, so we should be able to line something up
  15. Yeah, hopefully we'll be getting something sorted soon. Maybe on a day that it isn't chucking it down like it is every day at the moment