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  1. Ignoring the whole Danny Mac link, the Endura Pisspot is great and I would definitely recommend! Plus if you are so inclined, you can get one with Danny's scribble down the side of it should you really want to
  2. Good stuff! I've had exactly the same so might try something similar now I've seen it can be done!
  3. Really loved the idea of this! Definitely keen to see you complete the dropped modules!
  4. I've got in touch with him and he said he may be able to dig out the original plans. Fingers crossed! Sweeeeet, cheers dude. It's pretty much along the lines of what I thought for that. I hear the Curtis had very slightly tweaked geo but that helps a lot
  5. I've been informed it's based off of an Ashton ET24 - Has anybody got the geo of that?
  6. Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody knows the geo of the old Curtis T24s off of the top of their head? Chainstays are 380, but I need the BB rise and head angle. Thanks in advance! (Here's a picture of @boon racoon's for good luck)
  7. Update - After a decent conversation it turns out his 24" jig goes down to a minimum of 380 CS because the old T24s were that length. Bit too long for me unfortunately and the work to modify or remake the jig would push the price of an already very expensive frame a fair bit higher. Oh well, looks like that's that for the Curtis dream haha
  8. Have you got any pictures of tyre/chainring/chainstay clearance down at the bottom bracket? Also, what's the CS length on it?
  9. Yeah, it would definitely work that way but it's a nahhhh from me too. I have a very specific vision and if he can't/won't do it then it's a no from me dawg Yeah, I figured fairly quick. Even asked about making forks but wouldn't even give a price on them haha. I managed to have a rejig of bikes and free up the money to invest into another so he was probably surprised to hear I was still interested
  10. I'm looking at something along the lines of an Arcade. The tyre/crank clearance is my main concern too and might be the deal breaker. Needs to be max ~365 chainstay or I won't be doing it. Can't afford to spend that on a frame that isn't perfect haha
  11. Haha, different outcome to my convos then. That said, my dad bought an AM7 hardtail last year (the first pinion one he's made if anybody has seen/cares) and we had a good conversation about it then, plus while there he fixed a couple if cracks and popped some brake tabs on my brakeless Arcade. Although weary, he's not said no to the idea. He's put me on the build waiting list so that's a step in the right direction haha I will say - The price made me choke a bit
  12. Please never bring this bike anywhere near me because I will ruthlessly try and make babies with it... That said I have had a couple of conversations with Gary at Curtis recently... 2021 might be a good year
  13. Definitely keen to see how it works with pure trials applications at low pressures. On my street bike the lowest I can go without burping is just under 40psi, but that's on narrower rims. Definitely a fan of the perseverance!
  14. I see this a lot for various riders and don't quite get it. At the end of the day, surely that's what pays his bills? He is riding for them as a marketing tool, like any sponsored athlete. I see zero issue with it as at the end of the day his sponsors are bike companies and are relevant. If he did a whole edit for a herbal tea brand or cat food then I fully understand the frustration. I've definitely seen sponsor promo crowbarred in waaaaay worse, definitely within trials. That said, I'm definitely not saying that it wouldn't be great to see an Akrigg video for the sake of a video, like him back on a trials bike again. The same does for Danny Mac. Obviously every one of his videos are pretty grand scale and the funding has to come from sponsor deals and promo, but it would be nice to just see him on the street for something along the lines of a Clean video, but that's not likely to happen any time soon That aside, I loved the video. The bike only accentuated his moto style so it's a winner for me
  15. +1 for Spank rims although from rumours I've heard the Spike 33s are now being discontinued? The Contis wear and perform really well, but I kept breaking them and found they kept leaking tubeless. Been tubeless on Schwalbe Crazy Bobs for a few years now and zero issues, plus the performance is great. They're definitely on the heavy side, but I don't find it too much of a hindrance. That said, they're definitely discontinued so good luck sourcing them in a 24"