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Replacing Brake Adapters


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I was wondering if replacing the adapters from time to time is a good idea or a waste of money?

I did break a Magura adapter once and have been happily running the same set of Hope adapters since then with no obvious signs of wear.

Since replacing the chain regularly is common knowledge, the adapters seem to be another crucial part for your safety :D.

What do you guys think?

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The same can be said about most components really. Anything breaking on our bikes can jeopardise our safety, but it happens and it's a risk that we have to accept.

I wouldn't put it in the same category as chains, which wear with use.

Good quality adapters, like the Hope ones, aren't something we hear of breaking regularly. So I wouldn't worry about them too much.

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Exactly what @Mikee said (Y) 

The Hope style of adaptor in general seems a lot better than the really cheap cast ones, so realistically if you keep an eye on everything you should be good to go. I have a suspicion that loose bolts are a factor in some adaptors and/or calipers breaking, so spending a bit of time checking over your bike now and then will probably put you in a better position to minimise the chances of anything breaking on you than just replacing an adaptor every X months.

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I've already made it a routine to check all bolts on my bike before most rides. They seem to have settled in quite well over the time though :D

So I'll continue keeping an eye on the adapters as well.

Thanks for your assessments! 

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