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  1. Watching other people play video games, on live streams.
  2. @monkeyseemonkeydo You leave marmite out of this. But I will expand on one of your points... Sram as a whole. Why do people buy their junk? With the exception of RockShox.
  3. Regular bikes won't disappear...
  4. @MadManMike Hopefully I will be able to get a box today
  5. I will source a box and get back to you
  6. I would be happy with £50 plus postage. A 10 speed cassette will fit fine, as long as it’s not a SRAM XD cassette.
  7. @MadManMike Do you want to make me an offer? I haven’t thought about a price, as I was going to hang on to them as a spare set for my mtb.
  8. Dug them out. Unbranded hubs, but has got mavic rims. A box would be my next problem.
  9. I've got a set. Nothing special, but they are a matching pair in good condition. You will have to bare with me for a few days, for me to dig them out. They are stored away and I am super busy at the moment.
  10. The fact that they got control of your account so easily is absolutely shocking, for a company like Google. Did you have 2FA turned on for your account? Edit: I don’t believe that a company like Google, would save unsecured passwords in cookies. Are you sure that you weren’t a victim of a phishing attack earlier on? And then maybe they needed more info and contacted you after they already knew your password?
  11. I used to buy and sell a bit of tech stuff as a side hustle. I would for example, buy a broken laptop cheap on Facebook, fix it and sell it on ebay. iPads were something that I made the most money on, usually profit in the triple figure region. But I guess other people in the area started doing it, as broken stuff started selling really quickly and for higher prices. So I threw in the towel.
  12. Clair de lune is my personal favourite
  13. I use the double fighters on my commuter/road/light off-road bike, and they are terrific for that purpose. However, they are just too small to even be considered for street trials use.
  14. I had the same issue with an Aztec rotor, which had more empty space then metal. It also seemed to be wearing my new pads down rapidly, so I changed to a more solid rotor and all was good.
  15. I somewhat disagree. Right before the officer fired his gun, he had a taser aimed at him. If he was to be incapacitated, the assailant could have also taken his firearm. He had to make split second decision to potentially save his life, as well as others.