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  1. The same can be said about most components really. Anything breaking on our bikes can jeopardise our safety, but it happens and it's a risk that we have to accept. I wouldn't put it in the same category as chains, which wear with use. Good quality adapters, like the Hope ones, aren't something we hear of breaking regularly. So I wouldn't worry about them too much.
  2. I took the plunge and have switched to Linux Mint, on my main machine. I've been meaning to move away from macs for a while now, and I finally found decent alternatives to all the apps that I regularly use. I've still got my windows PC for games and rare compatibility needs though.
  3. Some interesting shapes on that frame. It's refreshing to see a non Inspired street build. Sadly, it's a rare occurrence these days. Says the person currently building an inspired...
  4. Just got GTA 3, vice city and San Andreas for £5.09 on steam. Nice!
  5. It's most likely quite an early iteration of the i5 though. With outdated integrated graphics. So Video editing and gaming are not going to be it's strong points. On the subject of Chromebooks.... I don't get them. What's the point of a laptop with basically a mobile OS? Also, I will refer you to my first post, which is also relevant here.
  6. I recently sold a Thinkpad T460s on eBay, comfortably under your budget. Why couldn't you have made this thread a month ago It was a lovely machine, which I would definitely recommend. Should be easy to find one on eBay with a good spec, and in budget as well. EDIT: Just looked back and saw that it's mainly for the kids to do schoolwork on. The T460s is probably a bit fancy and overkill for that.
  7. Define cheap. I would recommend getting something like a used Lenovo Thinkpad off of eBay, before I would recommend a new, budget laptop. In my opinion, there are few things worse than a cheap laptop.
  8. @Mark W It's the pivotal one. That does look a little weird and I didn't even consider the staple holes. I've got short arms and long pockets. I guess I should stop being a tight b*****d and buy a new one.
  9. I've got an inspired saddle, but it's looking a bit tatty. Has anyone cut the padding off of one of these, to make it like the lightweight, bare plastic pivotal saddles? What do they look like with the padding removed?
  10. Not much happening in the film department at the moment. WW84 was a massive disappointment, having really enjoyed the first one. Tenet was good, but not as good as I had hoped.
  11. @forteh I don't think Microsoft really care about Windows activation anymore. There aren't that many limitations on an unactivated install of Windows 10. Plus the vast majority of PCs are OEM activated, compared to those that are self built and activated by the consumer. If anything, I think ditching Windows activation would work in Microsofts favour. Since it would drop the price of PCs, in a diminishing market. I've been trying to buy a second hand, low-mid end PC on eBay for a while, to use as a linux machine. But the prices are just ridiculous right now.
  12. Most of the drone footage was horrible, but the POV shots made my palms sweat.
  13. @isitafox What forks are they? I want to get something like those for my hardtail MTB. Swap the forks and tyres around depending on what I'm riding.
  14. I would say that frame is from 2008, give or take a year or so. FYI, there is a far better Echo on eBay at the moment
  15. There will always be people who have bad reactions to vaccines/medication. A lady who used to live up the road from me was in a wheel chair because of a reaction to a flu jab.