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  1. I predict self driving cars being outlawed, as a matter of liability. As said; Hopefully battery electric cars become a thing of the past, in favour of hydrogen fuel cell.
  2. Had my first Pfizer yesterday. A bit sore where it was done and mild muscle ache in most of my body today. But nothing too bad.
  3. It was dusty yesterday. Almost lost it on a few fast corners. Silver lining was how clean me and my bike was. Picture taken roughly 10 miles into the ride.
  4. I think that a minimum wage on top of the benefits riders are getting, will just cause a lot of the lower ranked riders to lose contracts. We can't forget that it has to be financially viable for the sponsors, otherwise they wouldn't bother. It's a similar story with many sports, which don't have silly amounts of money to throw around. Unless you are at the top of your game, making a living from the sport alone can be tough.
  5. Getting shafted by a buyer on eBay, confusing poor performance of older hardware with a hardware fault.
  6. No bash ring?
  7. I've heard of the pro 4 ratchet ring, stripping the threads on the hub shell. Is that what you are referring to? I've also heard of bearings being more of an issue, compared to the pro 2.
  8. I know a roadie that uses a garmin adapter that sticks on the back of their phone. I wouldn't have thought that it absorbs shock, but it's small.
  9. Anything shoe box size or bigger, I always use a courier. I think the last time I sent handlebars, I used Hermes. And I think it was roughly £6 to send tracked and insured.
  10. I should have said that I don't see why MTB companies would want to get involved in producing trials bikes. That would have been clearer. I know why they would want to sponsor popular trials riders, and get them riding their MTBs. Visibility/going viral and people actually having a genuine interest to do what they see, are two very different things. I've seen lots of things on the internet, that I have no intention of trying. Although I kind of agree, I don't think that many people are turned off from trials riding, because of the way the bikes look.
  11. Yeah, it will never happen, as comp bike would have to be made "worse". But I can't see any other way to get big manufacturers involved. Go back 25 years, when trials bikes were basically small, slightly modified MTBs (Ignoring the mods), there were several large MTB companies with trials teams.
  12. @isitafox I agree, that will always keep trials rider numbers relatively low. The point I was making was purely on a bicycle production point of view. Bikes under the trials umbrella vary greatly, which means lower volumes of more models. And particularly on the comp side, the parts are too specialist. FFW cranks for example. If a company only had to manufacture a frame and forks, and spec it out with off the shelf MTB parts to cater for all trials riders, it would be a much more attractive market.
  13. @monkeyseemonkeydo Plus those 3 are from the era, when trials was ridden on slightly modified MTBs. And Danny is probably fulfilling contractual obligations. I think it would be both a step forwards and a step back... but if all of trials bikes were standardised to something like an inspired hex (26" wheels and kind of normal looking), trials as a discipline would benefit massively. But that's never going to happen.
  14. So I don't see why MTB companies would want to get involved. Also, trials is split into 2 different disciplines. And within those disciplines there are 2 - 3 different wheel sizes. Which really dilutes an already niche market. If comp and street riders all rode the same type of bike, then it would be a different story and I think that there would be more companies involved.
  15. There must be more to it then that. Onza could have stayed in the trials market as well, of which they were very well established. I can't see why they would throw in the towel, if trials bike sales were still profitable.