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  1. I have an echo 24" which gets dusted off a few times a year.
  2. Sweet riding, as usual. Can someone explain the filming trend of panning away, or into something once the move has been done? I don't get it. Are we supposed to be interested in the floor, wall, bench etc? For me personally, it adds nothing and makes it seem like the cameraman is trying too hard. 1:55 and 2:25 being some of the most obvious.
  3. @AdamAllen@Luke Rainbird I removed it myself. Nick contacted me directly. He is going to upload it himself soon to his youtube channel.
  4. @Ross McArthur I interpreted bikes that aren't yours, not frames. But I did hold off until you broke the possible rules first.
  5. @Tony Harrison Thank you sir.
  6. My all time favourite. Hard to find a decent pic of this one.
  7. Favourite video maker during my peak trials era. And because wow.
  8. Removed
  9. I've read that page. No such button has appeared.
  10. Anyone know what to do? Youtube said I needed to activate my account and then I would be able to activate the video. I activated the account, but can't see how to sort the video.
  11. Get 2 has been ripped. I have included all the extras as well, so it’s an hour of footage in total. I will set it uploading to YouTube overnight.