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  1. I don’t really pay attention to social media, so miss most of the bullshit on there. But my method is to observe both sides of a topic and either find the truth somewhere in the middle, or trust my gut feeling. But I still don’t take it as gospel. I think that trusting a news source is nearly impossible these days. They all have their agendas and spin stories. I read several news sites, when I actually sit down to consume some news. I feel that the BBC is my go to/quick day to day news update site though. And The Independant is an absolute joke. But since comedy is pretty much dead, I get a good laugh reading their articles. I read an interesting article about news papers a while ago. It said that people get a dopamine (or something similar) release when they read a news article that affirms their world view/political view. And like all things that make us feel good, they keep going back. Which is why the majority of people read from one source, or a couple from the same side of the coin.
  2. Association. If Fabio is on a bike, they want it to be a Canyon. And developing a trials frame, which might not benefit Canyon financially, may have been what made Fabio sign a contract with them. Something Specialized was unwilling to offer?
  3. I wonder if the street trials frame will ever see the light of day. I think canyon are more interested in his MTB YouTube videos, then developing a frame for such a small market. Discount Danny Mac / Santa Cruz kind of situation?
  4. Considered the inspired rims? Which are 36mm wide.
  5. I'm all for Chris or whoever, doing what they want to do on a bike and to have fun. But that doesn't make their video content enjoyable and immune to criticism.
  6. I appreciate Chris' skill, power and stamina, but I found that really boring. Nothing really wowed me. And these riding the "wrong" bike for the job videos have been done to death and need to rest.
  7. What brake are you going for on the back?
  8. Can anyone recommend a company that services fox forks? I’ve got play in my bushings.
  9. If you want it to be proper... Get yourself an IS to post adaptor that is correct for you disc size, with the correct conical washers . It's the +20mm post adaptor that is causing your problem. Or like @forteh said. Cut it off.
  10. Them frames still look good.
  11. @MadManMike Bike looks sweet. I recently “downgraded” to a hardtail from my full sis and am having so much fun on it.
  12. The more I think about it, the more I dislike Endgame. The humour in it was mostly really forced. Like fat Thor and the Hulk selfie scene. I didn't like the Hulk at all, being completely conscious. Really weird pacing. Too complicated for a Marvel film, with such a huge cast. Too long. A lot of stuff could have easily been cut out without effecting the story.
  13. @JT! It's part of a trilogy. Have you seen the first two?
  14. I'm probably in the minority, but I thought Endgame was a pretty mediocre movie.