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  1. @Adam@TartyBikes Not cool. I’m heartbroken.
  2. Everyone moved on to BMX riding, on their Inspired bicycles.
  3. Very nice, love the colour. It’s refreshing to see a 24” bike that isn’t a photocopied Inspired build.
  4. I had one of those tensioners and modded it to push up. It was a long time ago though. I made a new spring out of a spoke, as the the original spring (in mine at least) couldn’t be flipped.
  5. A small length of spoke with a spoke nipple on the end works good as well, to keep things aligned. I do like some home engineering.
  6. Who said there wasn't? My argument is about bias. I will be happy to be proven wrong when the Khan baby flies.
  7. @Mark W I wasn’t comparing them. The Trump balloon was approved as being a demonstration of free speech. But with the far left, free speech is only ok if they agree with it. I’m saying that if a Sadiq Khan balloon was made, I bet it would be blocked.
  8. My brother was interested in the Pixel 2 XL. I asked my friend who works at EE what they are like and he said they get bit a lot more returns than other phones for hardware related issues. He advised going for Samsung. I can't speak for the switching process though, as I have been an iPhone user for years.
  9. I don't get what these people are "protesting". I wonder if the Sadiq Khan balloon would get approval.
  10. I broke 2 pairs of those forks above the disc brake mount. Never bent them.
  11. No, the other ones.
  12. I think if you had the red forks and/or red seat, it would be too much. But with the black parts and being the only red bits other that the graphics and rim tape, I think it looks amazing!
  13. I need me some red brakes for mine. Nice job Bob Ross.
  14. My car failed it's MOT, but when being repaired for the failure faults at another garage, some major rust around the rear seat belt mounts and a broken spring was discovered (neither were found on the MOT). Where do I stand with the test station? The car hasn't passed an MOT, but dangerous faults were missed.
  15. @Mark W I've snapped a couple of those. I put it down to the twisting forces across it's long length, rather than pulling forces from the QR cam.