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Radfest 2021!

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Radfest 2021!!
The big summer trials comeback of the year, the relaunch of radical bikes in essex.
The first day may have been a washout, but the Sunday went off! Contests, jam sessions, meeting all the old friends, what a great weekend. I managed to film throughout the day, get a bit of everything and see most people, whilst riding myself which i was happy with.
Featuring -
Ali Clarkson,
Charlie Rolls,
The Chai,
Tom Mitchell,
Nick Goddard,
Euan beaden,
Matty Turner
and pretty much every other trials rider in the uk right now!
Video segments (Featuring a mix of riders) -
- Saying Hi to every rider I could + Random charlie Rolls Riding
- Boon comp + Down to Front Gap comp
- Full riding edit
- Kicker Comp
- Goodbye from Tom
If you/Your friends are in it, please share it around. Big thank you to Tom + Molly at Radical bikes for organising a great weekend and Thank you to Trials Addict for their support and the Ticket!
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That Red Phaze ebike conversation kit, is a DIY idea? 

Charlie Rolls is disgustingly good.

Solid content from all.

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