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Rim brake pad loose on piston


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Anyone have any decent solutions / bodges for this?  I got some new plastic backed pads (cousts, but the backings are all the same).  They're pretty loose on the piston, and don't retract with the piston, just kinda sit there.  Makes well adjusted brakes feel like crap since they always rub a touch.  Piston nipple isn't cracked or anything.  What do you all do to improve this?  I'm about to cut the pads off and jb weld them to some echo cnc backings, but that seems overkill.

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Any update on this? I’m facing the same issue and it’s so annoying. I’ve thought to heat up the tip of a flat screwdriver and try to bend the wee pins in, so they form a tighter grip. Alternatively try and salvage the braking compound and transfer that onto cnc backings (hope I don’t ruin them).

Somewhere I read that people use blue tac in the hole but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be any better..

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