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Chain tensioner noise


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Recently converted one of my bikes to single speed and I can't get my chain tensioner to shut up. I've use plenty of chain tensioners before, but I never remember them being this annoying. Probably because it's not on a trials bike this time and the chain is actually doing lots of moving.

I'm currently using the Heatsink tensioner installed and everything looks straight to me. I just don't get how one jockey wheel can make more noise than two on a mech. The other variable is the KMC Z1eHX chain. Do these not play nice with jockey wheels?

I'm getting to an age where unpleasant noises really get on my nerves. Someone please help me.

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Not sure I can really help much but just to piss you off I recently went single speed on my Whyte T130 with an Acor two wheel tensioner and I've been surprised how much quieter it is! I didn't expect it to make any difference on noise but it's basically silent which I'm digging so I can understand where you're cocming from!

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3 hours ago, AdamR28 said:

Gusset will be quieter, providing its a hardtail and you run the tension just off 'tight' (as it should be ideally).

All rigid and single speed. Proper basic and I'm loving it. I'll order the Gusset one then. Thanks for the help chaps!

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