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  1. The Mavic Pro looks a bit too pro for what I'm after I does look like an awesome for of kit though!
  2. Hey y'all (and by y'all I mean the three or four active members), anyone got any experience of little drones for photos and videos? I've been thinking of getting hold of one of the little DJI Mavic clones but it seems like when you get down to it they're all cheap tat in one way or another. They've either got crap cameras, dodgy interfaces, don't work to begin with, lose connection etc. etc. So now, having seen some very impressive videos of and footage from, I'm tempted to bite the bullet and get something like the DJI Spark setup (with extra batteries, controller etc.). Big Jeff Lenosky (apparently) actually paid for one himself to use for filming stuff on his MTB and since we're off to Canada this Summer I thought that it might be cool to have something to get some interesting views and pictures from. Any thoughts?
  3. Not sure I'd be happy using the ISCG mounts if you're planning to use a bash 'in anger'... What about something like the Hope 1-4 for a 32T? You effectively get two for the price of one (ish, they're not exactly cheap in the first place) assuming you tend to always ride with one foot forward. Sounds like an interesting build! Edit: I remember my Ring God being pretty burly (polycarbonate I think but chunky). You'd have to check if 130mm diameter is big enough but could be an option? eBay link.
  4. Not sure about the floating rotor side of things Luke mentioned- the assembly will be clamped together with the axle to preload bearings and keep things tight so don't think that can be possible. With that being the case I like the idea of the slightly tapered fit of the Alchemist design to self centre and locate tather than the parallel sides that have more potential to be come a bit sloppy.
  5. That would be my fear too. Loading conditions for 'normal' bike conditions is pretty straightforward and I would guess (ignoring the complexities of modelling layup) FEA is reasonably reliable. You try and model what a fork is seeing when you've got a rider's weight hanging off of the thing while hooked over a cambered rock or whatever and it's just nasty. As mentioned, I think the way comps have moved on there is a huge reliance on front wheel moves and for that it seems the riders like the instant bite/lock that a rim brake gives rather than the often slightly mushier feel that a disc provides and so I would guess that market is not worth chasing too hard...
  6. Tooling costs. It's post mount. Skewer/wheel attachment is not being discussed.
  7. f**ked if I know. Current MTB 'standards' are a complete mess! Hope I've helped
  8. Assuming there'd be threaded inserts bonded into the fork leg my guess would be that the fewer times people need to fiddle with the caliper bolts the better. Not everyone understands mechanical sympathy!!
  9. The Nukeproof Factory in military green and orange is sexual...
  10. That DOB looks like a kids bike to me... Not sure quite who it's aimed at. As Dazza says, that GasGas is a real e-trials bike. The DOB looks more like a slightly larger Oset. I don't mind the idea of an eMTB but I'm going to wait a few years so that the battery tech slims down (together with the wait) and things become a bit more mature. The MTB industry seems like a bit of a mess at the moment and I'm hoping things might settle down a bit in the next few years.
  11. That's got an exhaust
  12. It's a mountain bike... with a motor. They've been around for coming up to 10 years. That's absolutely nothing to do with trials.
  13. Wait... that's not the ---***###$TR@/6HT3DG3 ###***--- Jon Mack selling is it?...
  14. I think the kicker sprocket is designed for a screw on hub so same theory but a different kettle of fish to running two sprockets on a freehub body.