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  1. The problem I see is that the career for most will be very short. It's fine finding out how much a DH racer earns in a normal race year but given that chances are they may only be a competitive pro for 10 years if they're lucky (assuming they don't suffer any career ending injuries) how many are actually able to continue to make a living in the industry once they retire? My guess would be that of those who take any kind of salary and can be considered a pro only a tiny proportion will be able to make a living outside of racing.
  2. Can we have some more steps please? My head just exploded.
  3. And this friend... does his name start with G and end in f?! Sorry, I've never been any good with probabilities! Obviously the first one has a one in one chance of being 'new' so that leaves you with 11 to go with a 1 in 12 probability of the next 19 being 'new' but beyond that I couldn't tell you. Gut feeling is the odds are against you getting the remaining 11 in 19 shots though!!
  4. I'd include the current ones in that to be fair...
  5. Why do car companies insist on trying to make bikes? Just stop already.
  6. Yeah that's very true. On big (for me) jumps I'm now happy letting the bike just do its thing beneath me but on smaller ones I'm still bad for basically bunnyhopping out of the lip to get extra air which isn't how jumps are supposed to work!!
  7. Trials basically teaches you how not to jump in my experience. Trials is all about front wheel high and you basically have to unlearn that habit when jumping so that the bike stays on a natural trajectory with the jump. I've also found that riding trials for about 25 years has made it pretty much impossible to remove any limb from the bike to do any form of trick when in the air... just doesn't happen!
  8. So I had my first Pfizer jab a week past Friday... Earlier than expected which I assume is just because my local area's getting through people plenty quick. To be fair I think I'd probably have been far more resistant to getting it if I didn't already have kids (and don't want any more...) but it sure will be interesting to see what happens down the road and how this part of history is documented 10 or 20 years from now. One thing that I think I read on some foil that Facebook post that has stuck with me was something that took the stats of 'remember 1 in 3 people have COVID-19 without even knowing it' with a bracketed explaination that this means that those people are just healthy. I can't helkp feeling that the whole thing has been blown quite impressively out of proportion to the detriment of a huge amount (healthcare, education, economies etc.) while a select few (weirdly mostly related to high up Conservative politicians, go figure) have become incredibly rich off the back of it. Obviously that one's UK only but I'm sure it's happening around the globe in one way or another.
  9. Surely the way the world is at the moment the future can't rely on any currency that requires immense amount of energy and associated pollution production to 'make'? It's utterly ludicrous to think how much energy is being wasted on crypto mining at the moment. Is that where the 'proof of stake' comes in?
  10. In 14 months you'd think the repairer would've bead/sand blasted all the original parts to give it all the best start etc. for the future. That seems poor...
  11. Much as I love Danny's riding, the mentalness of this is just mind blowing:
  12. Lol to the autocorrect! Don't think I could cope with the drop bars on that! Sprung tensioner/old mech plus a dropper would be on my list too. So long as you enjoy it though!
  13. The full 25min film that's on the RedBull site is worth a watch. Those slams on the roof drop thing are savage. Also some clips of Mr MacAskill too. Edit: Note the first 5 minutes is just the edit.
  14. In my mind there's something very different buying something physical like the Mona Lisa that was painted by da Vinci because the original is very definitely unique and special. Anything that is available in its entirity online as a digital item (picking on the dancing banana .gif again) is not only available as an exact, original item across the entire internet but could also be exactly replicated from scratch in a matter of hours as it's just a collection of pixels (and not many at that). I can understand the Beeple thing more as it seems he puts a lot of work into each piece and assuming the 'buyer' effectively received terrabites worth of original files in all their detail (and assuming that what was posted online was only ever a compressed version of the original pieces) then the buyer is at least getting something that's not in the public domain. I guess the basball card analogy works better, again assuming that the number of certain versions are very much limited in number and are only available to the 'owners' not also posted on Youtube or whatever.
  15. I tried signing up for a Coinbase account when the Dogecoin thing was going a bit daft but over a month later it was still confirming my ID so I f**ked that off and am now happily accepting that it's all over my head and I can't really be arsed!