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  1. You can get just levers new: If you stick something in the wanted section I'm sure someone will have something you could use though... Magura spares tend to be something that tend to just naturally accumulate in a trials riders parts bin!
  2. #oldmanissues
  3. Is that purely due to Patreon? I don't recall seeing ads on your videos.
  4. I've been lucky that I've been kept on full pay throughout lockdown and apart from the odd online meeting have been filling my time with decorating our new extension, doing odd jobs around the house, selling various bits and bobs that we no longer need and of course spending time with the family. Ridden my mountainbike more in the past few months than I have in the last 10 years! First day actually back at work properly today and wishing I was at home messing around in the garden or on bikes!
  5. I quite like the idea of the new Garmin Edge 130 plus but might wait until the prices drop a bit!
  6. That sounds good. I don't think I'd need full colour maps etc. so simpler (maybe with longer battery life to boot) would be good. I'll have a look. HR monitor would be nice but not essential.
  7. Anyone have any views/thoughts on cycle GPS units ? I used to use a normal cycle computer on my road bike but apart from speed didn't pay much attention to it and otherwise I use my phone when I can be bothered to use Strava but I'm slightly tempted to get a Garmin GPS computer gizmo but don't really know much about them, how they can be used and how they link with things like Strava etc. Any thoughts?
  8. Tarty have them for £30 from the looks of it but not many others do!:
  9. Don't look ideal to me but have no experience of them. I just run Holy Roller 2.4s on my Arcade, paid about £17 per tyre I think.
  10. If it's an option go for Adam's slitting option- if you ever want to get it off you'll thank him!
  11. Congrats! If you want to get her on two wheels a bit sooner these are where our boys started: Though probably worth running the fork the right way round...
  12. But was the cops life in danger? Not on the slightest. In situations like that I don't get why the police aren't trained to shoot a leg or something to incapacitate. There was no need to kill the dude.
  13. Gah, cunts attacking police in London piss me off so much... I know the majority are just football hooligan twats who are just there for a ruck but the police are on such a tight leash they can hardly do anything to protect themselves or their colleagues...
  14. Sack the stabilisers off! Easiest way is definitely to go straight from balance bike to proper bike without stabilisers getting in the way. Both of our boys were riding the 12" Hotrock without them from 2 years old.