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  1. This is quickly turning into a 'catch Mark out' thread. In. When taking a photo (of which you've taken a LOT of very awesome ones) surely you effectively visualise what the image you're after looks like, position yourself accordingly and ask 'the talent' to hit it like this or whatever to obtain the desired result. I just can't comprehend how you/your sister can be so creative without being able to visualise it first!
  2. Does not compute. That's cerraaaayyyzzzz.
  3. Tapered legs not steerer, no?
  4. Sucks to be you!
  5. I find it really difficult to be excited about unicycle trials but that edit was really nicely done and very professional looking- good job!
  6. The plane takes off. @Tom Booth might be your man for this one. I know @Ali C does his own tax shizzle but don't think he's registered as a sole trader.
  7. Fair enough!
  8. 26" baby! It's a DJ/slopestyle bike rather than a 'proper' trail bike.
  9. So I accidentally a Polygon Trid ZZ... put a cheeky offer on it on eBay and the guy accepted. I had a Calibre Astronut DJ hardtail that was good fun but fancied the slightly forgiveness that a FS slopestyle bike gives. This is almost a Trek Ticket S for about a third of the price. I've basically made this from bits of the Astronut and chopped and changed a few bits (plus added the new Zee rear brake to replace some cheap Shimano thing) and it's pretty dialled now. Forks are pretty budget but do the job.
  10. I've always assumed that's mainly because he's Austrian...
  11. Anything politicians say is probably a lie. Anything Trump says isn't even worth reading or listening to because he has the IQ of an orange, ironically. Anything Russia, Iran or any other effective dictatorship say is probably a lie. It's a tricky one though. Just to pick on conspiracy theories the issue is usually that the people pushing them are basically completely engrossed in their belief of what they're saying. Sure they're trying to provide evidence for what they're saying but they're looking at things through rose tinted glasses and so can sometimes blindly believe something or otherwise don't question things enough. It's the difference between a true academic researching a topic, looking at both sides of an argument in fine detail and someone who wants to believe what they're writing without really looking at the alternative. It's hard to say how I approach things without an example so here's one: The recent Iranian plane crash. Crash happens hours after the Iranian strike on US bases. Unfortunately coincidence very possible. Saw some of the data from the flight tracker- aircraft still climbing (so under power), no distress calls, didn't try to turn around, data just suddenly stops. Conclusion: bomb or less likely a missile. Iranians say oh no no no, wasn't terrorism they just had an engine fire and were trying to return to the airport. Oh and we're not going to let the US or international authorities get the blackbox and we've already bulldozed the site. At the same time low and behold images of the guidance system from a missile have apparently been taken at the site (but impossible to corroborate). Now I'm 90% sure it was a missile and 24 hours later the US are saying they have evidence of missiles being fired and an aircraft being hit. Another 24 hours later and Iran admit that they shot the aircraft down by accident. It's almost laughable that they think that they could cover this up and people would believe their initial story but there you go.
  12. Fairly sure that's not really the case with Danny (with respect to Santa Cruz). He had hundreds of millions of views from his video on his Fourplay/Skye. Any bike company would give an arm to be associated with someone so imaginative, talented, successful and also just a thoroughly nice guy. He's a sponsor's wet dream!
  13. FreeCAD is another option for CAD software. I haven't tried it myself as we get Solidworks at work but I've read pretty good things about it
  14. I know what you mean but I get the feeling Danny could wake up tomorrow with no sponsors at all and just go back to working in a bike shop and still ride in exactly the same way and still push out brilliant videos regardless of whether there was money in it and always have a smile on his face. Maybe I'm wrong but with Fabio I feel that he's been pushed (by himself? His dad? I dunno) to be a professional Red Bull athlete from a young age and it's all about the hits, the fame and the money above all else. My gut tells me he's never done a normal day's work in his life... Maybe that's just the grumpy old man in me strongly disliking 'influencers', hashtags and clickbait etc. though!!
  15. There is free 2D CFD software out there but I can't think of anything that would do 3D which is probably more what you're after. I'm sure you know what you're aiming for though- general 'slipperiness' is always good; if it looks right it's probably 80% there; minimising frontal area is important; enclose wheels as much as possible (interestingly the top solar challengers are now 4-wheel steer so that they can both minimise steer angles all round to reduce how much space there needs to be around each wheel (effectively halfing the required opening and wheel shroud width at the front while slightly increasing the rear end) and also deliberately crab the cars to minimise any drag induced by oncoming wind direction). You should also look into creating a simple disc shroud for each wheel as although they'll be in relatively still air the system will be more efficient if you reduce the rotational drag of the wheel by hiding the spokes. Obviously for that one minimum weight is also important... Edit: Actually, I've just checked and although I thought OpenFOAM was just a meshing program it looks like it offers a complete package which is worth checking out. You'd probably need to do the CAD elsewhere but once you have a model OpenFOAM might be worth looking at.