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  1. That guy just seems to be making it up as he goes along. There's no proof or evidence to anything he says at all from what I can tell. 'One side is more damaged than the other side so obviously this was because of the same cataclysmic event'. Or maybe prevailing winds are from that side and 500 years of erosion from being sand blasted could do that? I dunno but don't take what he says as fact!
  2. For the pyramids my guess would be that we are too quick to underestimate 1) the number of people involved, 2) the potential power of ropes and pulleys and 3) the ingenuity of the people of the time.
  3. See, the problem with that is that if the Egyptians (or indeed any preceding civilisations) did have machines, engines, cranes, diamond tipped tungsten carbide tools etc. then there would be evidence of it somewhere. Stuff like that would've outlasted the tools etc. we have found. I completely agree that there are fairly major gaps in our understanding of exactly how these things came about but the only evidence that exists points to the current thinking of a lot of slaves working until they died with some very clever lateral thinking on the part of the architects/engineers of the time.
  4. Aliens.
  5. F1

    Do people really play computer games in full race suits?
  6. Is it the cassette moving on the freehub body or the entire freehub moving relative to the hub?
  7. I did not think that water gap was on...
  8. We've got a Jasic 200P AC/DC TIG set at work that I mess around with. Nothing serious but have fun giving anything a go!
  9. You'll find it a bit different to steel but still good fun and definitely rewarding with a little practise.
  10. She sounds like a fanny. I think the judge should have awarded her half the full value of her claim and ordered her to pay the cyclist half of the full value of her claim for the trouble/pain/post traumatic amnesia he may have also suffered...
  11. Looks a lot like this: Part number fm40077-20 But it seems that's discontinued and not available in many/any places. Probably worth contacting Formula/Sherco direct.
  12. I'd quite like Boris to get it as he'll clearly do no better with this utter clusterf**k that is Brexit and so it'll be the end of his political career too... Hopefully!
  13. Signed, though I'm not sure the park would need to close if the permission were rejected... "No amount of high fencing, CCTV cameras and alarms will save injury (or worse) to an intruder who may use our obstacles in a dangerous manner"- if that happened then the person would be unlawfully trespassing and there'd be no case to answer surely. A few signs or whatever should cover them. Theft/vandalism is a CCTV type issue which I get but I can't see it being a serious/regular issue. Rather than retrospective permission for the mobile home maybe they should consider applying to create a small official campsite to be used by riders/visitors with tents/campervans or caravans which would be another revenue stream for the business while also ticking the box for staff.
  14. Yeah, same here. Run a 24t Raceface ring on my arcade with no issues.
  15. Awesome as ever! Some very innovative and imaginative lines in there. The mind boggles!