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  1. MVDP's crash was nasty! Apparently he didn't know they'd removed a wooden ramp from behind that rock! Awesome to see Pidcock take the win- I was 100% expecting Nino Shurter to take it with ease!
  2. So is that information available to you in any way? I take it their terms and conditions for monetisation changes when changes like that happen?
  3. Not specifically (and I'd never heard that either before!) but they give you a bit of paper that (I think, didn't pay much atttention!) that if you suffer any side effects you need to contact either your GP or NHS direct or whatever which I assume would mean an immediate yellow card submission... Just guessing though!
  4. Agreed. The points made need to be linked to the data of who's being affected. People have had strokes after having the vaccine- that's bad. However what age were these people? In a normal year how many people over the age of 70, day, would've had a stroke? Considering basically all of those people are double jabbed you can't now attribute that to the vaccine and decide that it's the cause. Equally, she's saying there have been 300,000 yellow cards submitted linking side effects to these vaccines but I would suggest that literally no one knew they were even a thing before the pandemic and for the vaccine rollout people have been made very aware that they should report any side effects and so they have. Of those 300,000 I bet 95%+ are people reporting mild discomfort, mild cold-like symptoms or whatever which are of no concern whatsoever. My main concern is that the whole jab related nervousness is going to fuel the whole general anti-vax shitshow and you're going to have a generation of people who don't want to get their kids vaccinated against measles or whatever because of this.
  5. I see you've already found TrialsCentral
  6. F1

    To be fair though, Lewis coming back from a penalty to take the lead (at the same place as the previous accident) on what, the penultimate lap, at his home grand prix, in front of the biggest crowd since the pandemic hit on the eve of the country coming out of COVID restrictions... I think it's not unexpected that he might be a little excited and in a somewhat celebratory mood. Max just comes off as petulant and I'd also say that Christian Horner being a little bitch about it too is also really quite pathetic.
  7. F1

    That's racing though. Both were at fault- Max could've taken avoiding action to give Lewis a bit more room and Lewis should've realised he was on the dusty side and was likely to suffer some understeer. It's only down to Lewis (and of course the Merc)'s speed that he was able to come back for the win. You would think Max seeing Lewis do the same move on Leclerc but Leclerc giving him some room would shut him up but nope.
  8. F1

    Quite an eventful GP today I'm surprised to say! Verstappen playing the spoilt brat card seems a bit pointless... "Very disappointed with being taken out like this. The penalty given does not help us and doesn’t do justice to the dangerous move Lewis made on track. Watching the celebrations while still in hospital is disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior but we move on" Considering Lewis did exactly the same move on Leclerc later in the race I really don't think he can complain too much. The concept of expecting the world to stop because he's in hospital (largely unsscathed thankfully) is also just crazy.
  9. That's insane!! What's happening with your sneaky familial purchase?
  10. Not angry... just getting old. All uni staff who started before April 2020 are getting a one off £600 bonus this month for efforts during the pandemic. My immediate reaction was not 'oooh, what can I buy?!' but 'hmm... I better up the childcare vouchers this month and stick another £300 voluntary contribution to the pension pot so the tax man doesn't get me'. I'm disappointed in myself .
  11. I almost feel sorry for them. Until I remember they're paid like £20M a year to kick a ball in a net and they can't even do that reliably...
  12. His current tunnel series is mental!
  13. . I'm 39 but we were definitely 'ahead of the curve' in our local area and got the invites a good chunk before we 'should've'.
  14. I was expecting suspension smashing noises but no it's his breathing that makes it brutal! Crazy effort required!
  15. One of the guys at work had his first Pfizer on Monday and didn't feel right afterwards. He's off today with a slight fever and not 100%.