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  1. Andy P used to ride Stealth hubs I think and he never seemed to have much issue with them. Not sure how often he changed it though...
  2. What sort of axle is it running? Looks like a bolt through from the pic.
  3. I thought it must be possible! Dude doesn't know what he's talking about! Is that running a non boost chainring? Not quite sure where those come into play and whether you could offset some of the chainline issues by running the 'wrong' chainring?
  4. Haha, nah you're ok!! Having said that I'm still not convinced that adding a 3mm washer on each side of the hub and a 3mm shim between the rotor and the hub wouldn't fix the boost/non boost thing? For calipers to work without being boost specific the rotor must sit at the same position relative to the frame and on a boost bike that's just 3mm further from the centreline than a non boost hub surely? I queried that with CK as well and his response was negative but I'm not sure he quite got what I meant.
  5. Apparently not "Sorry to say that short of buying new hubshells and axles, our ISO hubs aren't convertible to Boost. The hubshells for boost hubs are physically bigger and so shimming your hubs won't place your rotor into the correct position."
  6. Sounds good! Slightly annoyingly (at least annoyingly tempting) our cycle to work scheme has just increased the voucher limit to £2500! The Whyte's got Chris King hubs though (and the bike's non-boost so anything new won't be compatible) so I'm being restrained for now! I've also just ordered a second hand oval chain ring to give that a try too as I've never used one.
  7. As an alternative to buying a new bike (not usually an issue for me but we're trying to afford a house extension at the moment so I'm trying to be restrained!) I've been messing around with my 2015 Whyte T130 Works SCR. I was originally looking at whacking a 29" wheel on the front to play 'mullet bike' while slackening the head angle but that was going to cost a bomb (£500+ on forks, £50+ on rim plus spokes, £30 on a tyre) so ended up over-forking the stock 130mm Pikes to 150mm. That's brought the head angle from 67.5 to 66.8 or so but has the added effect of raising the BB height so yesterday I made some offset brass bushings that in theory should drop the head angle down to around 65.8 and drop the BB height back down to near stock. Anyone else messed around with things with good or bad results?!
  8. I'm not convinced but it depends what you want it for. As a mountain bike I'd say steer clear. V-brakes, WTB velociraptor tyres (those came on my GT in 1998), old school cranks and gearing etc. It's old enough that the BB could be seized in there, bearings in frame and wheels might be knackered etc... For a run about or a bike to roll to the pub on fair enough but for anything more proper I'd be looking elsewhere.
  9. We got a hot tub in the summer (just a Lay Z Spa inflatable jobbie) and Mel loves reading so think I'm going to get her a new waterproof Kindle. My 7yo can then inherit her current Paperwhite.
  10. I'm not so sure Sergi's one is a 5. It's kind of up for interpretation. If you look where his back wheel lands on both attempts it's shifted left and well within the gate. In the absence of tape (and keeping in mind that he didn't break the flag) I don't think anyone would be bothered by that if it wasn't for the Jack controversy...
  11. I've been using that Carnac for 3 years now and really can't fault it. Would happily buy another (and am tempted to get another for £13 for when this one needs replaced!).
  12. Youtube? Dougie Lampkin!
  13. Yes Ali! Awesome riding and so nice to watch. The precision/perfection of your videos put so many others to shame! Naming no Fabio names...
  14. Cheap as chips Carnac XC for me. £13 and almost identical to a Fox Flux... Edit: I was screwed over paying £20 for mine! Edit 2: More colours available for the On-One XC which is identical:
  15. I should point out that having bought the Air in February to go to Canada with the c units changed their laws in July to make it effectively illegal to fly a drone over 250g in Canada so I ended up buying and taking a little Tello that didn't really do what I wanted (if only the Mavic Mini was around then...) but also I managed to get £600 for the Mavic Air 6 months later so can't really complain.