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  1. Are the flanges on the 150 wider than a normal 135? If so I would expect you to struggle!
  2. Jack's just in a class of his own at the moment isn't he?! So fast and confident. In other news wtf is with the scoring? So now each section adds up to 60 per obstacle? What was wrong with the clean-5 dabs thing that's been used, well, forever? Edit: Also Nicolas Vallee in section 5? What were the observers watching? Toe touches obstacle? Meh. Blatant hop while already dabbing? He haw he haw, but ee iz french!
  3. It's almost like there should be an area of archaeology which concentrates purely on that part of history. You could call it something like Egyptology...
  4. But there kind of is (I think). Fairly sure the timelines of 'known history' (i.e. as it's taught in schools etc.) is well documented enough to be 'proven' in the order that we understand it. Hieroglyphs (sp?) are an Egyptian thing and they can be used to tell the story of the various part of their history, their leaders, those who have been laid to rest in the pyramids etc. etc. Giant granite sarcophagusses within those tombs again relate to the same era with hieroglyphs telling the stories. What there isn't evidence of is a group of highly intelligent toolmakers and engineers with access to far more advanced tools ad materials existing long before the Egyptians doing it all for them. I'm sure there are lots of things that have been lost over the years that we aren't aware of and of which no evidence remains (water powered lathe/tools maybe? I dunno) but the actual evidence only really points to what we know (or at least what we think we know). You say "not everything that happens leaves evidence" but when you're talking about what allowed people to make things from solid rock the only tools more advanced that the copper (or whatever) tools that we think they used would have to be stronger and harder than the copper ones and hence would leave evidence somewhere in the area. As far as I'm aware that's simply not the case so we have to work on what we know and can prove.
  5. F1

    You'd think RB would've told Max that Ocon was on fresh rubber and looking a bit racey...
  6. The Taj Mahal is a good example too. Also the Sagrada Familia. What's the point? Pointless large constructions built to someone's whim taking years and years to construct. Ok so the technology side isn't so much in question but the purpose? The necessity in someone's mind? Still the same. Edit: I didn't realise the Sagrada Famila was started in 1882 and they're expecting 'completion' in 2026. People be crazy.
  7. But what I'm saying is that if they had some better materials to use for tools then there would be some evidence of them left (and inevitably found) somewhere. As it stands the only tools found are of copper construction (I don't know that, only continuing from what you've said) and so the evidence points to the theory that that's what must've been used. If new evidence were unearthed showing that they did have some funky tools or interesting methods then awesome but until that point we have to go on what we know and are aware of. Edit: I'd also question that it's still a big mystery. I'm not sure there's anything that is considered simply impossible. Take that 1200 ton lump. Ok so it would've been a huge undertaking to make in the first place, sure, but with enough time, effort and tools I don't see it being impossible. If you then want to move it you need say 20,000 people puling each with a pull force of 60kg to move it. Bit of a ball ache to organise and bloody difficult to do today but back then when you've got a few hundred thousands slaves twiddling their thumbs? Why not? I would guess they'd also use sme kind of sweet pulley system to reduce the effective load to something more manageable so now you're talking maybe 5000 people to move it which sounds more feasible.
  8. That's it- if there'd already been a superrace with diamond tipped unobtainium tools and massive cranes etc. way back when we'd have found it. There would be some evidence left behind (down to diamond fragments in the cut faces of the stones) and to my knowledge there simply isn't any. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they weren't just using pure copper tools but had found a way off alloying it to make it more robust but then again that would be evident in what has been found. It's all down to the available evidence. Or aliens.
  9. Lol. I've lost a bit of muscle mass and definition but not much which is quite impressive considering i'm now 36 and hardly ride anymore! Only ever rode bikes and still never set foot in a gym!
  10. Looks like something from Danny Mac's imagination!
  11. If it was me I'd use that drill type jobbie to create holes big enough to get the saw started (like you do with a jigsaw), rough out the inside cavity and then take it from there. I'm guessing that some very careful (and time consuming) chiselling would be required to then make the details in there, probably with some serious finishing/polishing afterwards to give the final finish. Copper tubes could have been poored into sand moulds? Not sure on the intricacies of that. For the holes you either do it from the open side (if that's possible) or because of the way the rope is wrapped round the tube you could still use it from the cavity side at a ~45 degree angle to the front face.
  12. Loved that Monty with the Repsol Orange rims! Good times for a bad reason.
  13. The thing there though is that in the past the information hasn't been available to make informed decisions. I think today we're in a far, far better position to analyse the information presented and formulate a hypothesis based on that information. Except flat earthers. They can eat a dick.
  14. Just briefly before moving on: Pooring water on the sand to reduce the friction plus a lot of dudes pulling the big jobbie on a sled thing.
  15. That's also not to say that there will be proper researchers out there who are trying to find evidence that the pyramids aren't just tombs and are some kind of intergalactic portal key, energy intensifying things or the work of aliens but before they can publish anything to that effect they absolutely must have some evidence that points to whatever theory they've chosen. As it stands the only people coming up with that stuff are either from Hollywood or are just sensationalist clickbait Youtubers who actually do benefit financially by releasing a video that's 10:01 long and claims that the Pyramids were actually what killed Kennedy, that the moon landings were filmed inside and that King Tut was flying one of the planes that hit the twin towers in 2001.