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  1. Are you thinking new or second hand? Any idea of budget?
  2. I'm not sure which parts of these you just don't get...
  3. Only if it was sloping down slightly I reckon...
  4. I would say nope on that one! (Assuming the glider is tethered to keep it stationary on the treadmill) to entrain enough air to create an oncoming wind on the glider's wings the treadmill would have to start a long way out in front of the glider. Due to the boundary layer forming that distance required to entrain the flow would mean that the glider itself would sit inside that significant boundary layer and so it's wings would never actually see wind at the take off speed.
  5. Why does Spotify have video adverts? Like who sit's and watches Spotify? 'Watch this short video for 30 minutes ad free'... 'YOU'RE A MODERN RADIO!'.
  6. Are you surprised though? Dumb f**ks (some with guns) following a dumb f**k in power. What the french would call inevitable.
  7. Is that not a 'Frenchie'?
  8. I spy a Bongo!
  9. I would say no. I think at the top level then doing training off the bike to develop fast twitch muscles etc. becomes a thing but actually when you're starting out it's far more about practise on the bike to dial the movements but more importantly the timing to improve your technique. In terms of bunnyhops some of it will come down to the sort of riding you do. In the woods, on proper off road trialsy stuff you'll rarely find a time when the bunnyhop will be the best option (unless your surname is Akrigg) and with the confidence you get from using the cranks and having control over what the front end's doing I would start with pedal ups and on the side practise bunnyhops as a separate move but not necessarily onto something. I would practise bunnyhopping a (movable) bar to get the technique to get over something and then moved on to using it to get up stuff that I could already pedal up.
  10. With confidence and commitment (along with a long enough run up) you can get higher with a bunnyhop than by using the cranks. If you use the pedal stroke you're limited by the entry speed while still being able to accelerate the wheel sufficiently to get the power into the move.
  11. I read a good post somewhere this morning that explained how the vaccine was designed and works which was quite interesting. They explained that the vaccine just contains some of the protein that exists on the cell walls of the virus and works by effectively training your own immune system to recognse and attack that protein so that if you come into contact with the virus in the future your immune system is already primed to tell it to f**k right off. If that's the case I'm certainly less bothered by the potential long term effects of it. Is that Jane's understanding of it @Ali C?
  12. I've yet to ride one but this is definitely something that I have no idea how they react to. Guessing the first few times the bike just tries to whip out from under you because you're not used to the power delivery?
  13. Unfortunately the knock on of that is that it gives a voice to the old school anti-vaxxers who won't innoculate their kids against polio because it'll give them AIDS or whatever.
  14. You don't know what you're saying... how can you not have trust in BoJo? Oh, yeah, that's right...
  15. Like the rest of the advice out there: It works but it doesn't work.