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  1. To be honest I'm pretty 'meh' about the whole thing again.
  2. Eventually they'll get a vaccine which they'll be able to give to the most vulnerable like normal flu. I don't think we'll see these restrictions again for the same virus.
  3. I thought the orange tosser had repealed that, good job if not! I'm wishing I'd got a haircut a couple of weeks back... trying to decide whether to trust the Mrs with the clippers. First world problems eh?!
  4. Ah, yeah, sorry- I meant joists!
  5. I did something kinda like that in a really cheap, basic way... Bought something like these: And then screwed them into the rafters in the garage fairly close to the wall and hung the bike front rims from them so I could have my Echo 20", Inspired 24" and road bike above with the BMX, jump bike, mountain bike and Mrs' MTB underneath on the floor. Also used a few more to hang the boys' BMXs and trials bikes. Worked pretty well to be honest and didn't cost $300 ;).
  6. What happens in the US in terms of providing care? I take it a lot of people (low income etc.) don't have insurance and so if they require hospital treatment they end up with a massive bill at the end?
  7. I liked the way he started with the 'time to get serious', sounded like he was locking us down with the 1 exercise hour per day and essential food/medicine outing then... oh but it's ok to go to work if you can't do that from home. Not specifically for the 'key workers' jobs, just anyone. So yeah, I'm at work (on my own in a big building I should add) getting the tunnel ready for the planned refurb work that has now been called off/suspended :sadface: . I know we're only at the beginning but it's 'good' to see the Italy numbers slowing up a bit and that the UK hasn't yet followed them into a spiralling situation like we seemed to be heading for. f**ked up times. Oh and I never got my freebord because Covid-19... Bastarding virus!
  8. Hey that boy a gimbal
  9. Closing but not actually closing... not sure how this is going to work. Wife's a secondary teacher but we have two little ones at primary so going to be a fun few months for her/us!
  10. How are you working that? Still going out on bikes etc. but keeping away from people or just locking yourself away from everyone and ordering stuff in?
  11. Ah fair enough. One of the guys at work has RA and one of the meds he takes reduces his immune system effectiveness so he's in a higher risk category but is being surprisingly laid back about it (can be a bit of a hypochondriac at other times!).
  12. Because you've got it or for shits and giggles?
  13. Not that bothered personally but it's obviously having a big impact. Holiday's cancelled at Easter but need to try and get the money for flights back of Ryan air. Students told today that there won't be any further contact teaching this academic year and all teaching and assessment will be distance. Not sure how that works for exams but we'll see. Does mean the final year undergrads have unknowingly had their last every lecture and exam without knowing it. We've cancelled the last few student tests for this week but were due to have a planned shut down and refurb now but that's all been thrown into question now. Booked Tesco delivery slots for the next few weeks last night after our glorious leader's statement but have yet to panic but anything. Really after a freebord following my snowboarding holiday and really hoping to get hold of one before the world ends...
  14. I think you'll find that's called a cunt move. f**k all to do with re-election and everything to do with being a selfish, arrogant f**ktard.