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  1. Or plectrum.
  2. It's weird but I like it!
  3. It had one job...
  4. Sounds about right: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
  5. Currently getting a 'Not Secure', 'Your connection is not private' on Chrome on two separate machines (at home and work so totally different ISPs, connections etc.) for every page I visit on T-F.
  6. That Onza was such a lump! Brings back good memories though. I think that London ride near the beginning was when I first hooked up with Tartybikes and also being totally mesmerised by Matt Staples riding!
  7. Truedat!!
  8. Pics or it didn't happen.
  9. I'm not sure what type of freewheel comes on the Zoot... if it has a visible lockring make sure it's tight and if you can take the crank off, take the lockring off (do that over a tray so you can catch all the bearings) and have a look at the pawls and springs etc. You might find some damaged pawls that you can file back to a healthy state. Next step would be to replace the freewheel but that involves being able to take the existing one off the cranks which can be a bigger challenge than getting the sprocket off!!
  10. Good work! Fingers crossed it sorts your problem
  11. There's so little material contact:
  12. F1

    The Redbull looks like it's still in camouflage paint to stop people seeing exactly what it's like. Will be interesting to see how they go with the Honda lump. Equally how McLaren do with the Renault.
  13. But only one pawl (two teeth) effectively engaging at any one time? I know they say the flex in the system means that's not quite the case but...
  14. I think you'll struggle without a vice I'm afraid! Not unless you get adventurous with a dremel/angle grinder and sacrifice the sprocket (which is dead anyway) to get it off. You'd be risking damaging the hub though so probably asking nicely in Halfords if you can borrow their vice I'd say!!
  15. And the rest! I count 5 missing/very worn teeth! From about 1:30