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  1. 'LIke' is the wrong response but hope you guys don't come down too bad and get it over with nice and quickly.
  2. Dave?
  3. Looking good for Semenuk. Feel sorry for his first run. That must really suck psyching yourself up ready to go and then be told to just wait for 20 minutes having watched one of your friends eat it big time... Edit: Just seen the extent of Tom Van Steenbergen's injuries- both hip sockets broken into pieces, chipped femur, chipped vertebrae and dislocated shoulder. Crazy mofos.
  4. Failing that I've used @Jonny Jones's ESK8 stickers a couple of times with excellent results.
  5. There are places that can make the stickers for you but my first port of call would be Steve@Heatsink who may be able to sort you out.
  6. ?
  7. Lobster dog is unsure...
  8. There go another 3; Enstroga, Igloo and Symbio.
  9. It's not as bad as you might think: Considering there are currently no cheap deals and we're all f**ked I don't think it's too ridiculous. Having said that I haven't seen the actual kWh rates etc. yet so it may still be an unpleasant surprise!
  10. Looks and sounds good! What are the square patches in the back garden? Guessing the 103 year old didn't have two trampolines back there...
  11. Very true! I read it like Mike was just rolling it down the road checking something in preparation for an MOT, rather than on the way to the centre itself.
  12. So were you 'driving it' on a road without an MOT when he reversed into you? That could suck balls for you... Or was it still in MOT from last year?
  13. Another two gone today- Avro (who we moved from to PFP) and Green. The customer issue is only part of it- there must be hundreds (thousands?) of jobs that have simply ceased to exist overnight as these firms are falling over too.
  14. Watched 'Nobody' last night which was quite entertaining. It's obvious that it's done by the people who brought you John Wick and also quite 'Equalizer'y and a good watch but it's a little 'hollow'. No one kills his dog. No one steals his car. The main character just doesn't quite sit right with me. That's the writing though- Bob Odenkirk is great and it's still very watchable.
  15. Yeah my guess would be a nope too. Don't know for sure but gut feeling would be that the fork legs are welded to the steerer which is formed and milled or whatever above the crown race.