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  1. Someone on PB was saying it might be a different wheel just with a 'dead gear' as he changes wheels for that one shot then switches back to the i9 for the next shot.
  2. Wow, that's a brave choice for them! I can't imagine they do much of a roaring trade if that's all they actually sell!!! Good luck!
  3. I looked at the Stitched 720 when I was looking for a dirt jump bike but was put off by the singlespeedness. I like the ability to change gear both to make it useful for riding to places but also for gearing at spots (3rd for the pump track, 4th for bigger jumps etc.) so I ended up getting a Polygon Trid ZZ. The full build (not what I got mind you) is bloody good value for what is effectively a cheaper Trek Ticket S and may actually be reasonable for you to get hold of as they're based in Indonesia... I'm sure a Canyon would be a wicked little machine but single speed just didn't make sense to me. Edit: Trid
  4. Yeah no creasing etc. so should be absolutely fine for a long time to come (at the dent site, anyway!).
  5. New project!
  6. Cable issue? Check it's not dragging on anything or kinked anywhere. Failing that check that where the outer has been cut it's not been chewed and digging into the inner causing unwanted drag.
  7. Some seriously awesome drone shots.
  8. I blame @manuel.
  9. 'Kin 'ell like!! You need to write a book or pitch a 'my name is earl' kinda thing to Netflix!! Seriously though, the reason I ask is that not far up the road is M-Sport in Cockermouth who always have loads of projects on the go and I don't think are shy of giving people a chance even if they have no experience in motorsport provided you're willing to graft. Last time I was there they were also really good about sorting out short term accommodation etc. until you get set up if you do get a job/apprenticeship or whatever. Although Malcolm Wilson is always flying round in private helicopters or driving his GT40 (or whatever he's in now) I get the feeling he's all about giving back to the community and giving people a chance when he can...
  10. What's your background/skillset in terms of jobs?
  11. Another vote for 1 here, just because.
  12. Style for miles!