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24 vs 26 in DJ/Street bikes


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Sup TF, long time no see and all that

One of these days I'll buy a new bike.

I used to always ride 24 even for regular old MTB. We're talking 2010 era.

I'd probably get a DJ type bike, and I'll likely use it for street rather than DJ (haven't seen any jumps here).

Seems like all the DJ bikes for sale these days are 26 though :S

I have this memory of 26in bikes being not that easy to whip around, but... that was like 15 years ago. I wonder if geos have changed to the point where a 26 now is comparable to a 24 back then.

I'd like to think I could 180 or 360 this new bike lol.

I was also thinking of a 24" bmx, but that's rigid and so a little less versatile.


What think, TF? Are 26in DJ bikes easy to throw around now?

Edit: I doubt I could try a bike out, DJ is not popular in Korea, they're hen's teeth on second hand sites here, and very few if any shops stock them, I've certainly never seen one in a shop

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The geometry of the current DJ bikes evolve a lot, 10 years ago the stays were 10 to 25mm longer than now. Be careful though, on some recent models designed for pumptrack, the stays are getting slightly longer again.

But if you are looking for a bike to mainly ride street, go for a park frame. They have a bottom bracket much higher than the DJ but also really short chainstays, steep head angle.

It's like a 26" BMX. You can ride a suspension fork on it. It is easy to throw, still a little harder than a 24" but it spins already really well. The DJ frames have a lower BB (and maybe a longer top tube) making the rotation more difficult.


Here a list of park frame:

  • Octane01 spark (cheap and great geo, no tapered headtube)
  • NS majesty park (older frame)
  • NS suburban park (older frame)
  • current NS suburban (it has a tapered headset but a lower bb than the old park version)
  • NS capital (brakeless, but the most playful from all listed)
  • some Dartmoor I can't recall the name

I built a street/trial bike based on an Octane01, you can see the result [url=https://www.trials-forum.co.uk/topic/199250-my-26-steel-streettrial/]here[/url]. A lot of fun, an really versatile: trials, pumptrack, park, street ...

A street/trial like the Inspired Hex is also very nimble (the geometry is close to the Octane01 Spark).

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