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Disc brakes for a Mod


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I'm using a Hope trial zone on the rear of my 20" trials bike and want to get a front disc to match. Happy with the power of the Hope so far...

Not sure whether to stick with the Trial Zones as I just need a new caliper (maybe with Jitsie or Trialtech lever blades if they add anything) or go for Tech 4 Trials (front and rear) or even Magura MT4/5 combo (cheap!).

What are the Maguras like bite/hold wise? I see they're popular with the street trials guys, but not seen much of them on a pure trials bike?

I know the Tech 4s are an unknown entity, but on paper solve a few issues with the Tech 3, but are they worth the money compared to Maguras or Trial Zones?

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I would personally have the Tech 3 Trial Zone on the back and front with Jitsie pads + 160mm discs. You don't really need the 4 pots on a mod, as the torque from the wheels is considerably less than a stock. I've never used the Trial Zone/Race lever, but I'm not a fan of the reach and bite adjust not being independent. Plus, I've heard they are not as good as the Tech 3's.

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