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Hi Guys,

I ride most disciplines and recently got into trials, I know one or two people near me in North Somerset but still, a lot of folks have precious little time to get out riding and so I'm often out there solo'ing which is fine.

I wondered if there are any groups of guys getting out regularly/semi-regularly in the area? No doubt Bristol has a strong scene, but don't know anyone within these circles.

Hopefully hear from some of you.



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Nice, feel free to drop me a line or organise a group ride via a post in the forum when the weather improves.

I live in the area and often ride the spots in Weston, there's a good mix of spots from natural rocks at low tides to all the street spots in town.

Burnham on Sea has some good spots also. I've been thinking that the Gorge in Cheddar and a few quarries around the area might be worth checking out.

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On 12/14/2022 at 1:58 PM, Chakers1998 said:

Some of us from the Swindon group like to ride Bristol. I'm looking to ride it regularly when the weather is nice. I've never rode Weston but from Google street view, the seafront looks to be good.

Still a few riders in Swindon, just started back after 10 years out and live in Wantage. Not too far away at all 

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