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Mini Seats


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I've been doing some research - there doesn't seem to already be a roundup of miniseats available.

It's based on info from the various vendors, which is dissappointingly sparse.

Please post here if you can add to this info I.e.

1. Other seats available

2. Seat details I.e. Prices for Echo & Megamo seats, Seatpost size all seats fit in (I only know this for ONZA seats!)

3. Other vendors especially if the prices are lower (consider postage & packing though!)

It seems that mini-seats are relatively expensive items for what they are - Has anyone found them for considerable cheaper than the typical £12-£17 that they seem to commonly retail for?

My mini seat came without padding, and the previous owner had cut the sides away (Compare pics below of Brisa/Koxx, sides on seat with the slimmer Megamo/Echo seats)


You need to find out what size seat post your bike takes, You may need a shim (as I need on my bike). Check sizing with the shop by phone since their websites are always crap and don't give the sizing you need to know! Of all the saddles below, it's only on the Onza website that they give the seat tube diameter (22.2, 23.4mm) for their saddles.

The various shim sizes can be gleaned from: Chainreaction Seatpost shims - Check out the drop down menu for sizes.

Miniseats Types:

1. Push-in: Plastic or Padded

2. Integral seatpost - Some are Carbon Look.

3. With rails: Typically padded (can be fitted to existing seatpost for convenience - no shims required there may be for 1 & 2)

1. Push In


Echo push in from Echo UK - Phone them for price


Megamo Uni seat, push in - £??? Phone them for price! Looks identical to Echo seat, if only the photo was better quality.


Planet X Trials Saddles - £12.50


"Monty Neo" push in seat - £13 (+£2 P&P if order under £20) from Bikedock Unconventional looks.

Koxx Tryall push-in Mini seat - £12.50 (+£2 P&P if order under £20) from Bikedock No Pic available! Very similar to Onza one but without a post.


Onza plastic miniseat + post - £16 (+£??? P&P) - As fitted to Onza Raptor etc, 22.2 or 23.4mm Diameter


"Koxx Tryall" Mini seat + post, Carbon look version - £Phone Koxx UK


Brisa Seat + post, Carbon Fibre look (but just plastic!) - £15 (+£2 P&P if order under £20) from Bikedock


www.b-4-t.com Paddled seat with rails - £17 Can be fitted to exisiting seatpost N.B. These guys make money on the postage so ask them how much it's going to be before you commit!


Onza Padded trials saddle with rails - £13 (Postage & Packing £??) - Can be fitted to existing seatpost

Which is the best for me?

Smallest & lightest

The Echo and megamo ones are very low profile and must be the lightest. (although the difference between these and the saddles with posts or rails is only going to be the difference between wearing your watch or carrying keys or not!)


Then in terms of looks I like the Carbon look ones (Koxx C/F and Brisa) The funky graphics of the Planet X ones combined with some padding may suit your colour scheme and taste.

Practical saddles

For praticality (no need for shims or fettling, and a comfortable padded perch too) there are the railed saddles which have the downside of sitting higher though.

Take your pick!


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