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148 x 12 in a 135x9 frame


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Hello all!

I have this old frame that I really like, it's a magallan tucana 2003, which I want to make into a street/trial/dj/allitcando bike.

I found a hope pro 4 148x12 hub for dirt cheap (52GBP) which had broken pawls and springs (I got new ones and fixed it).

I then went in a deeeeeeeeep rabbit hole searching how to adapt it to the frame, since it would make the bike perfect for trials. So I started measuring an sketching and 3d printing till I got the spacers necessary to fit my frame. (Don't get me wrong, I love tinkering, building, modifying etc).

I then went to a local shop to make new adapters for the hub so I wouldn't cut the original ones, if I wanted to sell it later.

I started ordering parts.. (they should arrive this week) the rabbit hole is getting deeper, when I noticed today that the hub flanges won't allow me to lace the wheel properly so it would stay centered in the frame..............

At this point, I wasted so much time, money, energy that I feel like throwing the frame out the window. But all is not lost..

I saw in one of Ali's video that the guys from tarty bikes modified a  hope pro 4 to fit a mod bike. So I guess there is still hope?

Has any of you done this before? or is there a proper way of doing it? 

Any advice is welcomed




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I might be missing something, but aren't you just talking about wheel dishing?

Most wheels will be off-centre. Hubs with a full width cassette much moreso than a singlespeed cassette, and especially more than our teeny little trials hubs.


Like this:        It's 100% normal to have it like this.


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I know what you're saying, but just by looking at it, and knowing I moved the wheel by changing the spacers will never make the wheel centered in the frame. I might be wrong..

I mean the drive side spokes look like they would need to be straight and even then the wheel would still be more to the disc side. 

I have to get a rim and spokes to test it out.

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