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  1. Do you think it might just be the thickness of the tubing? I saw it and thought it just another Arcade copy but in aluminium - not especially short? Or possibly you've just gotten accustomed to your longer 24" with a seat's appearance. I'm probably biased the other way.
  2. 937. We still do... today's version of this thread would be "Who's got the lowest bars?", or actually maybe "Who's got the most blackest-and-reddist colour scheme?", and everyone would win because everyone rides the same damn bike now.
  3. I've not even alluded to commenting on their performance, let alone defended it. It does matter what you call it. You can use the proper identifier to say "this material is even worse than plastic".
  4. Whether you dislike them for objective reasons or a personal prejudice, that's totally fine. However: It is not plastic. It's fine to not like them, but please stop spreading misinformation. '04 HS11s were plastic. I'd be impressed (and a little worried) if you can't tell the difference in feel/performance between them and the newer brakes.
  5. Slightly more on topic: with or without the official event taking place, much fun was had this weekend. Thanks to Tarty for prompting a goodly gathering for we that are, on the whole, so disorganised that we can't even manage letting other people organise nice things for us
  6. I would go for the Kloud as is has a less modern geometry New mod geo's are just... beyond gross.
  7. Very cool to see someone tapping a new-school bike. Don't see them often at all now. I watched the shit out of your videos way back when. You still have that very recognisable style
  8. Oh my word... Cannot unsee! I didn't clock it, but now can't re-watch without thinking this.
  9. That first gap was a right heffa. And stuff that skinny hook. Not even for a chocolate biscuit. Whopper.
  10. Desperately cool. I've wanted to make my own music for videos since forever, but I just suck at it and gave up Roll-down and up looks a lot of fun!
  11. Unrelated, but what's the geo on these? I've been flat out in love with them since forever. I know for 100% that I'd hate how they ride for trials, but potentially as a rigid track/light park bike?
  12. I forgot to point out it's worth remembering that whilst Britain might not have many riders up in the ranks, the ones that are are WELL up in the ranks. (Edit: sniped by Mark.) It's a quantity thing, not the edges of the bell curve.
  13. To be the cynic: modern society training peoples' minds to expect results at little to no effort. Trials is difficult, there's no arguing against that, and the learning curve as a beginner is daunting. People - especially the younger and more impressionable - are being pushed into expecting the moon on a stick just because they want it. Whether this is the rise of video games becoming immersive to the point that it's easy to delude yourself that you can actually do great things, social media providing instant gratification and distraction, or something else entirely, people just don't seem to enjoy the challenge any more. I don't think it's just trials. I mostly ride in the streets rather than rocks and the number of skaters/BMXers/free-runners and even scooterers (a very new sport so would be expected to be more current) has dropped off markedly. There seems to be an inclination toward fad-hopping too. Instead of finding something you like and committing to it as seemed to be the standard when I was a teenager, people now fall prey to marketing and do something for a few weeks until the next advertised craze comes along and they switch to that. I definitely don't think street can be blamed for the lack of comp-style trials riders. Some existing riders have moved from comps to street, but the vast majority of street riders only ride because of seeing Danny Mac videos and so otherwise would have ridden BMX or not at all. Trials just isn't popular, and I'm confident it's largely because of the difficulty. Yes, it might partially be the "uncool" image, and it the price of the bikes is a huge deterrent to new riders, but they seem secondary concerns. With the number of bikes that get sold, if everyone who bought one saw the learning process through and kept at it, there'd be no shortage of riders. My experience is that someone will get a bike, ride it for a while until they realise it's actually pretty tough to learn, and then it gets left in the shed. Funding athletes might help a bit, but it's a pipedream and it would only really help the people that don't actually need it. For a scene, you need more riders, not necessarily better riders. Giving aid to those that are already established riders is kind of pointless. I've been thinking this for years - I have some sponsors, and whilst their support is invaluable to me I'm really not the one that needs it. If my frame broke, I might struggle to replace it financially but I'd find a way because it's my passion. The people that need help are the ones who love it but can't afford to keep it up. People who want to push the envelope will, and arguably should only, do it because they love it rather than for financial gain. Look at the classic DH vs Footballer example. The more money that got put into football, the more corrupt it became. Rampage riders don't even get their flights, accommodation or even insurance for that single event paid for, but from the perspective of someone who is an outsider to both scenes they seem incomparable in terms of their ethos. If the GB funding that would usually go as prize money for comp's or supporting elite riders could be redirected to hosting more TartyDays style events Sorry that came out as a bit of a ramble(/essay). I didn't really take a moment to compose my thoughts before starting to type, but I think the argument is there if somewhat fragmented. It's also worth noting that trials isn't "dead", just seriously diminished when comparing to 5-10 years ago (at which point it was already in decline).
  14. Your riding is just a pleasure to watch. Just so smooth and deliberate. What camera/lens is that you're using? The footage quality is reeeeally nice.
  15. I live in Farnley! Let's do bikes! I'm 28 and not new to it, but would love someone to ride with