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  1. Thanks guys
  2. A collection of clips from the past three or four weeks. I kind of ended up going full tech-mode in this time, so there's not much in the way of stompers. Not even in the switch/opposite sense of tech - just horrible, nasty, awkward stuff that has birthed the term "nicety" - something that is nice BECAUSE it's nasty. The music is somewhat overdramatic for such low-octane riding, but I was really struggling to find something long enough that fit, and it's really good.
  3. If by 10mm you mean the bolts rather than the axle outer diameter, pretty much don't worry about stripping them. I do them up about as tight as I'm physically able to M10 is VERY strong.
  4. I've not, but as the partner of a nurse I've heard horror stories and will mention to exercise judgement. I don't know anything about it, but I have the impression it's one of those things that under scientific study there's no evidence it actually does anything, but if you get placebo from it then who gives. The issue arises in there being no required qualification to set up shop - much the same as chiropractic. Any old bugger can claim to be one, and in both cases you can seriously screw people up if you do it wrong. Specific to acupuncture are multiple cases of people re-using needles without sterilising - obvious infection risk - but then proceeding to nick the spinal column with said dirty needle, introducing an infection to someone's spine and leaving them paralysed from the neck down. Obviously that's a totally end-of-the-bell-curve scenario, but the risk is real. There are loads of other examples, but I thought I'd just dive right in My uneducated and inexperienced instinct says it probably won't do anything objective, but if you feel like it will, or that you'll get a desirable subjective response then proceed, but with caution. Don't go for the cheapest place you can find. Treat it like getting a tattoo, I guess.
  5. I've heard of a few people having this issue, but it's definitely not what you'd call common. I don't have any advice on what might be happening, but just to let you know you're not the only person ever, at least, but most people use them with no such issue.
  6. That's a ridiculous breakage! Does it still function completely as normal, or has it kinked a bit resulting in a massive snag when that part gets touched?
  7. Obviously I have no idea of the market or demographic of people that would want that, but are you not tempted to lacquer/epoxy over it as-is for that aces rat-look?
  8. Unless you start going in for power, that's not far from true, and they really are helpful for openning up bigger lines, but I think it's pretty reasonable to put 4ft+ lines in Advanced. I think another sign of Advanced over intermediate would be having some ability to do things the opposite way or using the wrong foot. This is mainly a comp thing, but it opens up lines for everyone else to a lesser extent too.
  9. I know of quite a few people who prove that wrong, on both ends of the rule
  10. Almost exactly this, though I would put hooks in advanced because they're an absolute horror to learn, and so easy to lose again if you don't do them regularly (mostly because of confidence rather than skill, but the effect is the same). Edit: By hooks I refer to the rolling kind rather than the hanging variety. I don't have enough experience with them to comment
  11. Yikes:
  12. Ugly? I actually rather like it! Really looks like it needs some higher bars though. TT blacks would fit perfectly, visually. And that's rather a long stem... Are you going on the old-side of mid-school, or just taking what you can get?
  13. I'm not sure I agree. He's obviously really excellent at it, but he doesn't feel like TGS to me. He's too well rounded. Not comp, not TGS - just an all-round weapon. I'd put him and Porter in their own little group. TGS riders have "something". It's not just the music of choice, but if you look at the big names... CLS, Tunnicliffe and Damon - they all have a particular feel. Partially style, partially attitude, I don't really know, but I personally feel that whilst TRA is very, very good at taps, gaps and sidehops, he's not a TGS rider. (Feel free to replace present tense with past if appropriate.)
  14. There's a few guys around Darlington. I head up that way every so often from Leeds, but not at the moment obviously! I'm not on social media but have a look for Chester Corney and Brad Johnston. Brad was keen as a bean just before lockdown. I don't think they come on here. I'm sure there's more around that area too, but they're the only two I know for sure still actively riding. Prattley comes and goes and Baxter's moved up Newcastle-way.
  15. Could you fashion some sort of collar to go around the BB axle or existing spacer? Just to stop it getting wedged right down the gap. Is your chainline bad? Does it come off in transport because you've left it in the lowest gear, so it's more inclined to pop off that side?