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  1. Just ridiculous. I'm kind of enjoying being so out of touch with the current state of trials because it means I get to experience it almost as a non-rider would.
  2. Trials: The Golden Age. Only wish Rowan Johns was in there.
  3. Sorry if it came off that way - I was more aiming for how you made it sound I meant to imply "you don't need flashy bikes to ride". People throughout riding history have done an awful lot more with a lot more awful! Haha.
  4. As above - it won't make a difference to learning the basics. It's a pure preference thing. I've run foams for years, and when I haven't I've had BMX grips. Don't go out of your way to get lock-ons because big-name riders talk about them in their vlogs - I repeat, it's a preference. In fact I've tried several types of lock-on grips over the years and found them all really horrible. Gross in the hand and I don't trust that they won't come undone and just fly off the bar. (For other people reading: Yes, I know how unlikely that is, but try ignoring your own phobias ) I'd also just like to make this point: I saw your other thread asking about changing tyres in the name of progression, and get the impression you might think this way in general. Please just note that trials is hard. It has an incredibly steep learning curve, and unless you enjoy the challenge it can seem not-very-fun until you get over the initial hump in difficulty and can start playing with it rather than working for it. It is a very fun sport, but it's very difficult, and no amount of equipment upgrades will push you past the learning process. That's all down to you. So don't worry about changing things on your bike. For the first year of riding trials I was on one of these: I could sidehop picnic benches on that thing. I think you said you had an Echo 24"? Don't worry about a thing. They're really good bikes, and unless something breaks, I don't imagine you'll want to change anything for a couple of years or so. Even then, I strongly recommend only changing things if you have a specific reason for it. Like a longer stem if you feel like your posture is very hunched over compared with what you see in other people. Just get out on your bike as much as you can and enjoy it - the payoff is immense when you start getting the hang of things! Edit: I would also just mention that if you're having a lot of trouble with one particular thing and you're not enjoying trying to overcome it, put it to one side and try something else. You're riding for enjoyment, remember If you're struggling with it but enjoying the fight, then by all means keep at it.
  5. Same as Dave above, but I put them in the wall and it seemed to work Ok. They were £1 each when I did it too, so it was a lot cheaper than that! Not as slick, but certainly did the job.
  6. Thanks guys
  7. I really didn't like the Fly tyres. I'm currently on Haro Catapults. They're skinny, and not very good against punctures, but really grippy and have such a direct feel. I really really like them and think I'll be trying out tubelessing them to try and circumvent the puncture issue. Becausr they're only a 2.1, they're really light, and because they've sold millions to dirt jumpers over the years, they're also really cheap Not tried either of those others you mentioned.
  8. I'm sorry you don't like context. I also said "Having said that, I'm pretty happy with it", so... yeah. For your future reference, if instead of going for Likes for being snarky on a forum you ever actually do want to help someone with mental health issues, especially one you suspect is rooted in self esteem/confidence - and I can't believe I'm having to point this out - taunting them is not the way to do it.
  9. Ah the post I foresaw as soon as I saw the username. As always, brutally irritating.
  10. Appropriate song title is appropriate. I started filming but I'm barely riding these days, and it looks like I won't be able to for the foreseeable future, so I stopped and made it with what I had. I've lost about 40% of my strength and 70% of my confidence so can't go big or good any more, so I set a new threshold of "if it elicits a smirk or giggle, film it", so that's what this is. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with it for having lost 110% of my riding abilities.
  11. I'm dumb. Forgot my own because the previous owner ground the tabs off. Ozonys Cannibal (v1, certainly. Possibly v2 also but unsure) Ozonys XS26 Ozonys XR26
  12. There are some older ones around, but they're sort of unusual to find these days. They've always been uncommon, even when in active production. Certainly second-hand market now! Here is a list of frames from memory that meet those requirements, without getting too old-school (because they're more like a street style bike), but I don't know specific geos for them. Koxx Red Sky Edit: Damn it, Ross! Meta VTT2 (possibly only certain versions, though?) Some generations of GU. I think there might have been a couple of generations of Echo Pure that had one, but not sure on that.
  13. Have you no self respect?! Get that chain shortened!
  14. Fixed for you That's a crazy lens then. Wheel doesn't look anywhere near that distorted. What became of it? Weight saving went too far, or did you just move on?
  15. That was cool. You seem to get quite a bit better with every bit of footage you put out. Except for that last tyre Unlucky!