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  1. Thanks
  2. Big squeaky bike video. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty chuffed with a bunch of stuff in this, but having made it, I'm somewhat concerned that it's a bit... pants. I've ended up filming largley the "big" stuff I did, and neglected to film a whole bunch of the smaller, weirder type riding that is what actually makes me smile. Still - it is what it is. I'll hopefully remember to film the gross ones next time. I feel like I might stay on the stock for a while as I'm rather enjoying it.
  3. Good shout! That'll be going on, for sure. Thanks! There is a contact form on all the pages where you can submit suggestions like this, if that's easier.
  4. House/shed/garage/...building looks absolutely mega Rowan I did mine very much accepting that it'd never be perfect and didn't need to be because it was going to get smashed about. Yours just looks like a room in a house that happens to be placed outside of it. Floor came up stupendous! Do you happen to know what species it is? It's a lot deeper than most I've seen. Love it!
  5. Thanks Guy 1 - Good point. I hadn't noticed it did that. I'll sort it out tomorrow. Thanks. 2 - It displays twice for two types of search. Left is an AND, right is an OR. I did write it in the description just above... It's just a pre-existing plugin so it doesn't do exactly the type of search I want. I'll write a custom plugin to do it properly some time soon and then go down to one search form. 3 and 5 are somewhat related - No. As soon as other people can upload, I have to vet each and every video to check it's not porn or something. Also opens up the whole can of security issues. It ALSO means that people will upload endless clips of sidehopping a bench or doing a footjam whip, and it will make it difficult to find the good videos amongst the bad once again. This is not a site meant for huge social interaction. It's for people who know what they want, and provide them with an easy way to access it where it is otherwise quite difficult to find. (And remind them of The Good Old Days!) 4 - I did reach out to a couple of people but it didn't really pan out. I might include more people in the future if it takes off. It's worth you knowing that it's just a Wordpress site. I made several versions fully coded from scratch, but I spent so long on arcane details that I realised it's silly to reinvent the wheel. Wordpress is kind of perfect for this website's goals, assuming a few custom plugins get made. I'm particularly happy with my first one which puts the "Show me a random ___ video" under each video, and then a link for each of the video's categories. The search you mentioned above will be my next
  6. Continually amazed by all the stuff I still manage to not know ever existed! I would imagine not, to be honest.
  7. Awesome. I'll be in touch It might be logistically easier if I just head over your way for a ride some time and borrow the HDD rather than transferring them. Any that I and my own personal discretion deem "good enough" and I can't find elsewhere online, I can shove them on here The first one that comes to mind is one of a group-ride you made in Nottingham back in the Zero/Zebdi era. Looked for it to put on but couldn't find it. This is a site very much in its infancy, so content, flow and appearance will likely be changing over time.
  8. So here's a project I've been toying with for years. First thought it ages ago when someone I'd known for a while had never heard of CLS. I finally a few weeks of work so decided to stop dreaming about it and do it, and forked out for some webspace. Videos get forgotten. I feel like new riders overcongratulate each other a bit much, and largely because they don't have the frame of reference that longer-term riders have. Old videos just don't come up in searches, because they don't have millions of views. This is a problem for such a niche community. You have to go looking for specific videos, and you don't always get them even then, let alone videos from that era in related links. I know other people have made channels for uploading pre-Youtube era videos, but you still have to know what to look for. You can't just stumble upon them like you could on Old Youtube. I made a site that aims to provide links to a whole bunch of the better videos made throughout trials history. Just to make them accessible to people. It's certainly not a one-stop-shop, and it's very much a work in progress, but I think it's now at a point where the intent of what it wants to be is apparent. Anyway - Just thought it might appeal to some of you. There's about 100 videos posted there at the moment, but I'll be continually adding to the database. There's forms on there for suggestions or complaints. It's also worth noting that I also chose to pay a bit more for "unlimited" storage space and bandwidth. They're very cagey about numbers, but the intent is that if people have videos that got removed for copyright or whatever, I am in a position to host them privately on this site. Get in touch if you're interested in that. I'll be doing it for about half of mine Anyway... here we go.
  9. I've never tried cutting glass with scissors. Go for it.
  10. You want one of those cutters with a carbide wheel on the bottom. You can get them at all sorts of places. Got mine at Wilko's for about £2.50. Score and then tap from the underside. Youtube had a wealth of tutorials when I looked a couple of years ago. Don't try and do the whole circle in one go - very unlikely to work. Trim corners off with arcs, and then score again and snap off the remaining bits. There's a knack to it, so a practice sheet is a good idea. I'm only over in Leeds if it's just not working for you Edit: A tip I learned after a lot of failures - pressing really hard to score deeper does NOT make it work better. It chips the edges makes it much more likely to snap away from the score. Score gently and tap lightly more times. Patience required for technical cuts sometimes!
  11. Cheers Ali, I guess I'll have a go at re-wrapping a bit thinner then
  12. I'm making this thread thinking about music, but you can apply it to whatever you like. Maybe you don't like cars but you specifically really like a specific model, or you hate cheese but f**king love edam. I think it would be good if you provide a bit of reasoning as to WHY you think your exception is the exception. Normally, I have zero interest in just about any popular music to the point that I just don't understand how it's considered popular and what people get out of it, but a while ago I heard Griff - Black Hole, and it hit me right in the feels. Since then, it's an instant switch to an intensely emotional state. I'm assuming it largely resonates with me because I was lonely for a long time (though not due to a breakup), but aside from that I think it's something about the candid lyrical message that things f**king suck, juxtaposed with the relative musical nonchalance. Also the insight into how one event (a breakup in this case) effects people differently - one person might move on without much issue, but another will never be the same again. Straying into reading too much into things, I feel like there's a lot of things going on in this song and I'd need to write a coherent essay to cover all the points of thought and feelings it incites in me, and that's somewhat awkward since it's almost definitely an entirely fabricated scenario made up by a team of songwriters and sung by someone picked primarily for being marketable. But it's a strong enough feeling that my brain is willing to bypass all that, knowing it without acknowledging it. Musically, I'm also a fan of minimal soundscapes, so whilst it is really quite simple, I appreciate the accomplishment of there always being instruments playing but still managing to feel sparse and empty, and how that resonates with the lyrics. (I did acknowledge I read too much into things, yes? I know that may or may not have been intentional, but it still works. It's interesting that if it were self-written, I would have no doubt that the artist had had that thought process, but assume it's just a coincidence because it's from the marketing machine.) The one part I don't like is the line "I wish that you would realise that I'm all you need," as it changes from the otherwise powerful bleakness into being clingy and arrogant. Anyway - I feel dreadfully embarassed to publically state that I like a pop-song, but there we are. I'm very interested to know what your parallel situations might be.
  13. Context below if you care, but the main point is: It's so long since I've had arm pump that I can't remember. Does it fade as your muscle groups grow used to a different wrist posture, or is there a point at which it is just legitimately harder to hold on, and thus detrimental to riding even if you do adjust to it? Context: Since Trialtech Foams stopped being a thing I went to Longnecks, but the barest hint of moisture and I could barely hold them for the slickness. Sam Wheeler introduced me to a variety of bar-tape that felt relatively comfy and was still perfectly grippy in the wet. I wound them too thin and tore my hands to shreds. I'm now on a thicker bar tape, but it is CHONKY. I quite like the feel of it and have ridden pretty well since putting it on, but I'm getting terrible arm pump. Unsure whether to wait it out, or if I'm wasting energy holding on to something less ergonomic and so detracting from peak performance. Really struggling to work out a phrasing for that, but hopefully you'll understand.
  14. Enjoyed most lines in that quite a bit, but the standout for me this time was the fakie-wallride drop-off. I've contemplated similar lines in the past but I have a habit of hanging up on them and never been brave enough Excellent work!