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  1. I presume you're talking about motorbikes? For reference, this forum is aimed at push-bike trials. I've ridden here a few times - not that great for me, and I don't know if motorbikes are strictly allowed but they've been in there each time I've been, so they must not be too strict on it if not,-1.6153773,1195m/data=!3m1!1e3
  2. To clarify, I was defending the Vader. Your 24" SL with dual Spank/Conti/Disc is still my favourite looking bike ever. The Vader was still pretty nice looking in a similar way, I just think the top-tube could've come a bit higher to meet the saddle instead of the seat-tube extension. Wouldn't be an obstruction since it would still be lower than the saddle. I liked the Vader. The Jitsie is pig ugly.
  3. Haven't looked at specsheets, but from the picture it looks like your frame has shorter chainstays, longer reach and steeper head angle (which combine to mean shorter stem) and it's steel. Spec-wise... FFW and Kendas? Appearance-wise: that white stripe, standover angle and temporary seat are all yuck. The Vader's standover still looks a bit weirdly low to me to still have a saddle, but it's nowhere near so bad as the Jitsie, which may as well have zip-ties on it
  4. Apart from in all the ways that matter
  5. What a gangster. Every second of that was fun.
  6. On paper, I'd say you're right. But from first hand experience, the opposite. Obviously I've seen many chain snaps with no split link involved, but out of 10-15 snaps with a split link installed, I only recall one single instance of it being not the split link give way (in which I was the unfortunate individual :/ ). I don't understand why, because in theory it shouldn't be, but I can't argue with my own statistics Edit: I've just this minute realised a bunch of those were a long time ago, so might have been pre-HX chains, which would potentially skew data.
  7. I've used split links a few times over the years and never personally had an issue, but I know lots of people who have had them repeatedly give out before the other links in the chain so the general rule would be: if you have a chain tool (which you'll need anyway to shorten the chain to length), join the chain fully - just in case. Chain snaps are Just. The. Worst. As Rob said - 3/32" would be a more snug fit on 3/32" sprockets, but there's no real need for it. I run a 1/8" on 3/32" sprockets. If you're in the market for a chain, your best options would hands down be the KMC Z510 HX or KMC Z610 HX. They're the same plates, but the 510 is 1/8" and 610 is 3/32". The HX is VERY important. It means they're heat treated. They do non-HX versions for a few quid cheaper, but they are MUCH less tough. I personally run the Z510 HX because I've had a few issues with links splaying out on the 610 in recent years. This is not a trend - I just seem to have had a run of bad luck. The pins in the 510 protrude outside the plates ever-so-slightly more than the 610 (TINY amounts... 0.25mm or so), and that seems to be enough to make the difference for me. But most everyone I know runs the 610s without this issue I have. It's a common misconception that the wider chains are stronger. This isn't the case. The plates are identical. The thinner chains have marginally better clearance too, but that's not so much an issue these days, especially on a mod. I'd advise going for the Z610 HX, and fit it without the power link.
  8. What language's syntax are you going with there? It's not quite like anything I've come across as yet. Is it something academic-ish akin to Matlab or something? Looks like some hellish crossbreed of Python and SQL
  9. What really gets me is that they're kicking off about a nice looking cabin. ...Not the field full of rubble, tyres and big metal tanks immediately behind it. Just... What? If you're worried about the appearance of an area, surely the cabin isn't the major concern there.
  10. That one's actually bad foot and bad side. I was hoping someone would mention it so I could make excuses for how crazy sketchy it was Thanks guys
  11. Having succinctly put myself out of action for a couple of weeks (bragging rights: broke a blue pallet with my hip, having hit it directly on the supporting block in the middle), I thought I'd put this edit together now rather than wait. Filmed over the past few weeks. Only the first half is riding. The second is crashes. Major grumpy face at the end is because that happened two-hours deep into attempting it. Edit: Worth mentioning that apart from three clips, all of these were filmed on solo rides. That's already achievement enough for me!
  12. He loses bonus points for not intentionally choosing such a janky line, but gains twice as many for pulling off such an insane impromptu recovery.
  13. I'm desperately out of touch and genuinely can't tell... was that to-front, falling back down in to hook intentional, or a recovery? It rocked my socks either way, but bonus Dude-points if it was intentional.
  14. CLS videos (Zoo! 28, to be specific) got me started. I continue simply because it's fun, and the feeling of accomplishing a tricky line gives me a temporary feeling of self-worth. Being brutally honest, a portion of it likely boils down to sheer habit. I could elaborate on specifics and bang on about how I love it so until the cows came home, but that's pretty much what it reduces to. Edit: Thinking further on this it's quite interesting that talking about the reason for riding is rather negative. Almost every aspect that comes to mind is something that I keep riding in spite of, rather than because of. It's just a fun thing to do, and couples nicely as a form of escapism.