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  1. Hunting down a bug in a hobby project for about 40 minutes before I finally realised I was trying to concatenate two strings in JS with a "."
  2. If you were any closer, I have one in the garage Electric planer/belt sander? Or to be fair, even just a nice, sharp hand plane might come out more effective than tools that keep breaking.
  3. Have you tried cabinet scrapers rather than blades? Are you just cleaning them up? Cabinet scrapers work more like a plane than a blade, and when they dull down you just scrub them on a whetstone or something to put a fresh burr on. It's just a small piece of relatively hard steel. You can make them out of an old saw-blade if you'd rather scrimp, like me If you're doing a lot of it, which I imagine you are if it's for a floor, be warned that the scraper can get fairly warm to the touch. Pask has a great solution to that: Edit: Basically as above, but thinner and convex gives better results than trying to keep it flat.
  4. I thought that as I was typing it, but then my instinct overruled my second-guessing. My head is telling me that's a worst-case scenario, mathematically, because it has the biggest reduction combination whilst still getting all 12 figures. If the first two you opened had the same figure, the #/12 probabilities would all get shifted down the orderings by one opening, so every other route would have more of the larger probabilities. I might amend my proposal to be eight individual " * (1/12)" s, as I'd forgotten they're in sequence rather than in parallel - as with rolling two sixes being a 1/36 chance rather than 1/12. I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong as I always hated statistics, but the logic in my head is telling me this way.
  5. Would it not be: (12/12) * (11/12) * (10/12) * (9/12) * (8/12) * (7/12) * (6/12) * (5/12) * (4/12) * (3/12) * (2/12) * ((1/12) * 8) ? ......................................................................................................................................................^^^^ The eight remaining chances, assuming you got all the others when you needed them. 1/12 is the lowest probablility, so I think this should give you the worst-case scenario where you still collect all 12? (That gives 4.29e-4, which seems appropriately low )
  6. Love that Akkrigg video. Still one of my favourites. Also loved that tap-tail-scrub on the red post, and the roll-up, bars, wodge, roll-down was just... Edit: You were always good on bikes - old times, Arcade etc. - but I feel like you've gone from being "good at bikes" to having really settled in to your own style recently. These recent videos feel much more authentic somehow, which I'm all for.
  7. I don't know quite how to respond to that. Showing someone that is a quick way to make someone feel incompetent!
  8. Really? No-one? Kyle's tap at 2:18:
  9. I've seen these before and feel like because I have trust issues even with carbon parts, these should be a write-off in my head. It turns out, I'm totally comfortable with them strengthwise, but I could never run them for trials for the fear of scrubbing them against a wall or rock and they start fraying. No worse than a regular snapped spoke, but still - the idea freaks me out a bit Also, more plastic in the ocean for a negligible weight saving. At least metal spokes are just metal and will eventually become nothing. Plus the cost, as you say. I wonder if they feel different underneath you in terms of stiffness and power transfer?
  10. A lot of riders re-do things for video recording until they get it smooth. I personally really enjoy seeing people just scraping through by the skin of their teeth. Post clips, or videos with the time of the clip you're referring to! Starting with a clip of Benito from way back when that just popped up on my Youtube suggested videos that I'd forgotten all about. 0:20: The other one that immediately springs to mind is one of Porter's taps on a blue MBK that I can't find, and Damon's up-to-front at 0:36 that completely disregards the laws of motion and had absolutely no right to work:
  11. Love it. As mentioned in the Youtube comments - you definitely made it hard for yourself, choosing that wall to try it on! The nose-scrub gap was particularly swag, too.
  12. That was lovely. Really enjoy the type of riding you're doing at the moment. I feel like we're often doing the same kind of thing, just with different styles and outcomes: Find a spot/line, and then find a way to make it as needlessly technical or difficult as possible
  13. The first house we looked at fell through because of the roof thing, but once we found the next one we were interested in it all went through easy and lovely. Only "drama" was that the inspection found ~£2k worth of work needing to be done (wall ties and a bit of flat-roof above a bay window), offered asking price - £2k and he sold it to us for asking price - £3k because we "seemed like a lovely young couple"
  14. We had something similar. First house we looked at seemed all good from our laypersons' perspective. Got a survey done and it said, paraphrasing: a bunch of little niggly stuff that you can sort out quite easily, apart from oh yeah you need a whole new roof - >£10k. We offered them the asking price minus £10k for the work to be done, and they just said "no thanks" and stopped responding. They were DEFINITELY just waiting for someone else to come along who didn't think to get the survey done. Some people actually don't! Nuts.
  15. I've given the social media stuff a two month trial period, and I just don't like being there. I'm going back to how I used to do things; film clips I like and make videos when I have enough. That said... March has been a good month for riding! Very excited about this video. It's very much a change of pace from my usual style, but I like it in this instance. If you have good headphones, stick them on and whack the volume up - that low end is JUICY.