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  1. I'm maybe a bad example as it's a different use-case, but I used Trialtech single-walled circle holed rims on the rear for years. Each would last about 18 months before starting to go. No landing on corners like trials with brakes though, so that might change things for you. Edit: Note that I only changed away from them because when I needed a fresh set they'd sold all their new old stock and had no plans to make any more.
  2. Reducing to one song will always be a gross oversimplification. But if that's the challenge:
  3. Just so people don't point the finger at me being the instigator, I acknowledge I am one of those who doesn't take risks anymore I can't believe I forgot about TRA! Also definitely a contender.
  4. Double-posting but don't care. Whilst we're on the topic: what the f**k happened to trials? There was bigger, sure. But that gap specifically tipped riders over to God-tier, for me. I hate that it's gone now. The forsaken pilgrimage site. To a rail. With little wheels.
  5. It's bloody close. And very hard to draw a conclusion because of the different contexts, angles, bikes and posture, but I think I need to change my opinion above if the one above is current comp rider peaks (I'm so out of touch it hurts). Even if Joacim's above doesn't match the height, the repeatability I mentioned before is a huge factor, but the question was explicitly about size, not control. That just wouldn't be a fair fight
  6. Remember that Jack wasn't doing that in a way of beating a sidehop height, he was just getting up it. just getting up it It's hardly "shit".
  7. I might be compromised because I grew up on TGS bikes, but comp bikes feel even more specific to me. By quite a margin.
  8. Strictly sidehop related: I've not measured them, but the biggest street sidehops I've ever seen (the walls thereof, not them actually happening) are a few of Damon's in Leeds. I think some of Bersha's probably rival them, but I've never been at those walls so less familiar. Bumped into Carthy at Shipley the other week and he did one that was definitely higher overall, but it's tricky to say if it's actually "bigger" because of the rounded edges and setting up on a little knobble in the floor for a bit extra bounce etc. I'd say it's a very close match, with the main difference being repeatability. If they duked it out and ended up being exactly the same height limit, the comp rider would get it more consistently. My instinct is that the comp riders are going slightly bigger now. Edit: Actually, I just remembered some of those Matt Awkwright was doing around Preston/Blackburn. Further debate required.
  9. It's a blurry line, and I have to say I don't think it matters much. That's how a lot of people ride them, but if someone wants to ride it exclusively in skateparks or on dirt jumps, why not? It's a similar distinction to the street/flatland BMX threshold. There will always be people just slightly to one side of the line riding a frame designed for the other, just because they're comfy on it. Edit: Matthias Dandois. That's who I was thinking of when I wrote that. To my personal taste, there would be a bit more "trialsy" content, but it's presumably how he wants to ride it so whatever Some of the best fun I've had was riding my home-made brakeless mod down Gisburn's Hully Gully.
  10. Gosh. That was pretty mega I don't know quite what it is about his style/line choice but on five separate occasions in that video I thought he was going for something which he then didn't, so I thought he'd f**ked it up, but then instead of bailing out he did something totally different. Really weirded me out until rewatching it knowing what to expect!
  11. Edit: Eugh. Whatever. Disagree but go ahead.
  12. Absolute machine. In your next video, can we see you try that last line again but instead of hopping down every step, hop straight from the top step to the bottom one and go up? That would be saucy! Have to land very sideways though, so only if you build good wheels
  13. Mid-gap90-crankflip got me all kinds of excited What's the general feel on "street trials" these days? I'm finding in most videos that I'm enjoying less of them now that tropes have had time to emerge. The bits I enjoy are the bits where they're doing something new/novel. His halfcab-whips and a bunch of tech nastiness are the good bits, but there seems to be an obligation for "big street riders" to do the biggest tyre-tap possible. Is that just the modern equivalent to a big dropgap when TGS reigned supreme? Also love the footjam whip to fakie nose manual. I first saw it in Jack Heard's video so it's not "him making new stuff" as I mentioned above, but I guess it's fresh enough and still uncommon enough that it's fine And why don't people smile? From facial expressions it seems that riding is almost all about conquest rather than having fun. Landing most of those lines would have me grinning myself giddy. Particularly the crankflip one. Just to emphasise and positively reinforce that kind of behaviour.
  14. Fair. I only catch a very few bits of the skate scene, so maybe I only catch the "touristy bits".