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Hello - new to trials but better late than never

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Only just joined the forum and I am keen to build my own bike to start street trials. Spent many years doing similar stuff on BMXes before moving into MTB but looking to re-ignite those good old days when bikes were simpler.

I have been watching YouTube trials content for quite some time and have read the TrashZen Trials book cover to cover a couple of times now. 

The time has finally come to get my own bike and see what I can still do from the BMX days and learn some more skills that I never mastered at the time.

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Thanks for the welcome.

BMX skills are something you never forget, it's like riding a bike.😉

The thing I worry about is the years that have been accumulating. The reasoning for my late arrival at trials is partly that I want to improve my skill level but also get fitter at the same time.


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Hello! Welcome to this journey! I have also read Julien Happich's book and I love it. Good opportunity to say that Julien did a solid job there. Now, the good thing is that the practice is mandatory since no one has gotten drunk to understand the meaning of the word wine, you have to drink it. I started the trials when I was 43, three years ago when I bought my Fourplay, best decision ever!

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