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On friday i got told i am being sent on a cycle repair course to get a NVQ heres the link Linky.I am doing the top one NVQ 3,i am being sent to someplace near oxfordshire for a week,fully paid and work are paying me aswell.Has anyone else been on this course before?


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Halfords are sending you on a course? My god it can't be costing them anything! I'm suprised they bother with things like this it would seem they don't give a toss about nothing but priffit in my area, understaffed, underpaid, overworked, I think that's the corporate policy, and yes I do work there and have for 2 and a half years so I know what I'm talking about. Sorry just needed to let off some steam.

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Well i think its the goverment that are paying for it, cost about 2000 all together,im going for a week so im guessing il be doing alot of work.I have hired my own staff at my store,but there is me and 2 full timers and no other staff in bikehut.

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Nice.  Why woudl you want to do that?  Get someone else to do it.

noone else there just me and another full timer,we both did it,had a staff meeting with the dep manager,told me i need to take control of the place and run it how i want it run.

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