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Can I Convert Avi Files Into Mpeg Files?


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Check www.doom9.org for some answers :P)

Do you recall the ad infected WMA files? Microsoft's response is that it's not their problem. So much for fixing bugs, eh?

And here's the reason why for the two days without news: I spent every free moment last week working on a GUI for mencoder. It supports the libavcodec MPEG-4 ASP codec, x264 (MPEG-4 ASP) and the wavelet based Snow codec, and has tons of useful features: persistent profiles and jobs, a job queue similar to VirtualDub but with some additional features a VirtualDub like progress window, and you can access all the parameters x264 and Snow offer (the libavcodec MPEG-4 codec has so many options it really drives you crazy so I limited them), and advanced users can still edit the commandline to suit their needs if the GUI should not support a desired option. I hope you find it useful..


Click here instead :S

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Hi, thanks for the replies so far but i should have been clearer....

I can play avi files on my pc but when i burn them to dvd i can't play them on my dvd player, however i can play mpeg's on my dvd player. Does anybody know of a program which can convert avi's to mpeg's?

Thankyou in advance :S

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Nero 6 allows will convert most video files, including avi, into mpegs before it burns them to CD so they will play on your DVD player as a VCD. It does take it a while so encode thought, I bet your looking at a couple of hours for a 2 hour film to encode and burn to CD.


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