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Knee Injury


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I have recently injured both my knees and i don't know how (N) . The pain is below my knee caps and behind (sometimes), it occurs whilst walking, not so much when running. It feels as if they can't hold me up straight.

Any ideas what it is and hoe i can get better, or how i could have caused it.



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thats basicly what i had, they still do cause me trouble now, something to do with a muscle or tendon that goes from middle of thigh to just below knee being too tight and sorta pulling your knee. physio just did some streches with me, but i still think theres something else because it never really got that much better, would be nice for you to post after you have visted ur doctor, may inspire me to try the docs again, now a days i just let it get on with it and just ignore the pain.

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I had a repetitive strain injury in my right knee from too much snowboarding, similar to what you describe. Those types of injuries usually amount to soft tissue injuries (typically strained ligaments). Nothing much you can do about it. You doctor will probably tell you that if it hurts, don't do it. It will heal over time. Mine took about 2 years to heal completely.

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