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Monty Mod Forks

Mark W

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Hey ho y'all,

I'm out on the prowl for some new forks. My T-Pro's have been going strong for 2 or 3 years, but I feel the need to change them just for peace of mind. Something's feeling funny upfront, so I wanna nip it in the bud seeing as it'd be, overall, the 4th set of forks I'd have snapped (all 4 at the steerer just below my stem).

I'm a freakin' pauper, so I've been looking for some forks at the cheaper end of the spectrum. I noticed the £31.99 Monty forks, but are they any good? I don't need disc mounts, just 4-bolt Maguras, so are these -Monty_Forks_XAM.jpg X-Alp forks any good?

Also, are the 20" Lite Guys from Onza as snap happy as their 26" counterparts?

Thanks for any help,


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The x-alp/hydra forks are good, very strong and stiff but also quite heavy. Best budget fork though. I wouldnt bother with lite guys to be honest as they wont last.

However, if i were you i'd get some echo team forks for £70. Theyre the top mod forks along with monty x-lites priced at £110 (which are MINT).

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Yeah, the Team's are sorta tempting, I just don't know if I've got the money really. I'm spending £70 on an Eno as it is, so that means my wages are just under half spent anyway, and I'm 'saving for uni'. Might just got for the '05 T-Pro forks, I guess...

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I have those monty forks (Montys) and they are quite good. They don't flex asmuch as aluminium forks, they are strong, look good and they arent actually that heavy.

I have the ones with the disk mounts, but the mount looks abit shit as does the little cable router thing (N) .

If you are on a budget then get these (N)

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