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Rear Screw On Sprocket


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I have just brought koxx rear wheel build and a monty 12t sprocket that fits on just fine but I was just wondering if I should put any thread lock or something on the threads to prevent it comeing loose.

Thanks ! :mellow:

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o.k thanks I will try that!

Try what? Just shove it on finger tight, get your bike setup, and just pedal around for a bit. Its what everyone does, its realy fun! It'll NEVER come loose, not a chance.

:ermm: :mellow:

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help i cant get my fixed cog off my tensiles!!!!!

what can i do,,

ive tried a chain whip with crank in vice..

i then extended the chain wip with a steel tube,, but this bent my chain whip.

so i made a new one from a long steel box tube.. but this time the chain pressed into the tube wall loads.. iv tried heating it a little,,(kettle),, and iv but WD40 all over it.

grrrr help !

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Put the sprocket in the vice, nice n tight with 2 teeth making contact with the vice on each side.

Get a peice of bar... box section is best, slide it down the full lenght of your crank and gently (and i mean gently or ull end up the other side of the garage bleeding and swearing!) push the bar anti clockwise (crank should be facing upwards) keep applying more and more force until it unscrews.

Never failed on me and never screwed up a sprocket or freewheel.

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