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So my Tibo snapped, so I got this....






Thanks to Chris (chrisactiv05) for the frame, bar and stem, and bottom bracket. And thanks to Edd Pott's for the beautiful Bashguard :ermm:


Edit: Spec.

Echo Control 1065

Fatty forks, soon to be polished up

Echo bar and stem

FSA UF headset

Hope mono gun-metal on 717 front radial, Hope Ti skewer

CK ISO on 521 rear, Shimano skewer

Continental 2.3 front tyre

Maxxis highroller 2.35 super tacky rear

Middleburn RS7 165mm with machind Bashguard, 20t, V8's

KMC kool chain, Tiagra mech, 17t

Front Avid SL w/ XTR lever and Avid flak cable, RW2 pads

Rear Magura, braided bridge hose, koxx bloxx, RB booster

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Well Chris sold me the bar, stem, BB and Frame for £280 ( love you Chris :kiss)

The frame was only 2 month's old :ermm:

I will put up a little mini review of the bike after a few more days hard riding :ermm:

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Ahhhh those pedal's are full of gashness :ermm:

It's my bithday in like two weeks, so I will be getting some Echo Urbans, some new pedals, the echo control booster, a new tensioner, and perhaps some new skewers. (Take note of this Adam/Dave :ermm:)

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Yes it has a god awful pad bodge on the koxx bloxx.

I am gonna get a wider rim very soon, but am still deciding between an Echo or a Ronnie....

Also I have to send my hub off as part of my flange fell apart, so it won't be being built until thats all sorted.

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I just noticed, those strange stickers before the main ECHO sticker, they are not on anyone else's, and arn't on the Echo on tartybikes or echobike.com.....

Chris, did you put them on, cos they are just as hard to get off as the main one's are?

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