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  1. Nothing wrong with decent pre-works especially a long day at work. My diet is pretty good but there are times I need that spark. But I'm happy with the result on my training & nutrition especially against people on steds.
  2. If you need a pre-workout drink to give that extra energy, I find ON Amino Energy quite good. No crash feeling unlike so high caffeine products.
  3. I've always looked forward to the games. But never thought I'd get hooked up this much! Haha it's been amazing seeing everyone enjoy & I'm glad Iw as able to get some tickets to experience it.
  4. Aye catch a ferry to the Dam. Get smashed on the ferry/gamble for the night. Arrive in Amsterdam an hit the culture/red light . Then have another easy round back on the ferry.
  5. Just at this high school down the road from the company, we've got a year's contract with to use their astro turf pitch.
  6. Sign up to an agency. I did and it landed me a job I like, football with the lads on Thursdays, 10-15min from my house in a car and a decent company which I could see future opportunities. My pay is only 16K at the moment but I'm happy for now and my boss did say he'll review it next and see how I'm doing.
  7. Makes sense then. I thought you meant 2x 10kgs and 2x 2.5kg with the bar haha. Well some say you can see results in 2 weeks, if you take steroids and hit it hard in the gym. It's like people think you take the stuff and you'll get huge and in shape. Na sorry hard work still needs to be put in probably even more effort and since you'll be blasting out the workouts so you need to eat more and that. Similar to people drinking protein shakes thinking they'll be "ripped' without putting the effort. Youtube Steroids, I think you'll change your perception on the stuff. I know I have. I haven't taken any yet though but it has crossed my mind. But when I look at my result/body, I think I'm doing quite good without the stuff. Plus I'm looking into powerlifting for my weight which you'll get drug tested so I wanna do that first before trying anything out.
  8. 45kg that's including the bar?
  9. Check this video out on steroids. To be fair after watching a few documentaries on steroids it has changed my view on the product itself. As my people say they don't have the proper answer yet on what actually steroids does you as they are scared to test it out on a human being, they can only base the outcomes on the people who have come out using steroids. Many of the documentaries indicates your average people are more likely to take the stuff and in a high number of people. Even though people has died of heart conditions it doesn't mean that they didn't have this condition before.
  10. HERE Have a good read sunshine. It's a good article about creatine.
  11. Props for the end move.
  12. Don't dis the Hope XC. Classic biking part that is. Ah ha really want to get back into it now after watching this beaut.
  13. Banta. Start of it was awesome.
  14. Yup Smoking is still 16, but buying them is 18 and you can buy for 16 year olds as well. Just the government trying to stop smoking at a young age haha pathetic i say like them smoke.