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Disc Protectors


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just wondering why no one has ever made disc protectors like they have on motor trials bikes surely it wold make sense and stop people from bending discs? maybe they could be made out of plastic to keep cost down (as with every trials part its stupidly expensive) wish i was good at making stuff as id make them :">

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I imagine no one has made them as its only extra weight that isnt so nessesery

How many people actually bend them?

If i get one im just gonna switch to side hopping the otherway which is actually the way i should be going so its only going to help with my technique :S

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my mate used to side hop onto his disk, only used to to protect his disk tabs though.

and i couldnt see it bent, or bending.

Also, you would have to hit the rotor at an angle, for it to bend, but when you do side hops, you tend to land on it straight

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The fender company 'THE' do plastic disk protectors for MTBs I believe and some people run em on their DH bikes, prolly only protects them from stones and mud though really, don't look to strong.

yeah agreed, they wouldnt do much if u landed on one, plus sidehopping right has its disadvantages to, namely ur mech!

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i had this arguement the other day , i was talking to my mate Mr Dave and i said to him why cant we have mounts oon both sides fo the forks and the reasons why nt and stuff but i think it should be made as you can change the side (yes i know it wouldnt work for reasons) OR make the hanger changabkle on the sides and stuff so that you can set your bike up to the side you sidehop to more than the other side


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