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Weird File Format


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I used Bit Torrent to download some program, but the directory has 42 15mb files, each with their own filetype - .001, .002, .003, .004 etc.


I probably have to somehow join these files back together to form the original ISO. But the question is how?


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Somewhere, normally after the 42nd .rxx (xx being a number) there will be a .rar. Open this.

You do not need to join them yourself. Winrar does it for you while unraring. If there isnt a .rar, open the .r01 in winrar. Try clicking the ".." button at the top of the file listings while in the unrar screen to see if there is a .rar file aswell.

So basically, open the .rar if there is one, else open the .r01.

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I forgot to mention, the .rar file was something I did - I .rar'ed all the files up myself. :">

I have done it though, it turned out I had to use HJSplit, join the files, rename the output to .iso then open it up in WinRar then extract it and then mount it. Phew. Wouldn't it have been easier to make it into an image file to begin with!

Cheers for the help guys, this has been pissing me off for days! :(

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Doesnt matter which .rxx file you open, it still works :D

If you have a .rar, then .r01, r02 etc. Open the r01, there will be no .cue file. Open the .rar file, and there will be the .cue file.

Sometimes it does'nt matter, sometimes it does, so to be safe i always open the parent one. (.r01 or .rar)

The way you did it though, sounds rather long winded, considering .rar'ing does'nt actually compress it much :(

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