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My New Bike :d

Swindon rider

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Woop Woop its a right beast! I have a deal with Specialized so they gave me a pimpy bike for very cheap and loads free gear (Y)

I've already given it a good ragging in Cwncarn on sunday, Hence the dirt.

AHHH I love it!, my first race on it is this sunday, its going to be ACE (Y):D:D!!

Sorry but i'm so bloody chuffed with it :), I've already fell off though casing a 20 foot double at the bottom of the new Cwncarn race track, hehe was funny, did a can-can crash :P

Stuey (<-- Very chuffed :D)

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You have the bike, we canadians have the terrain! BAHAHA! Long live long winters/high mountains.

Actually, that's a lie, winters suck. I'd rather live in the UK

Hehe yeah that kinda sucks, The closest "decent" place is an hours drive (Y)

But im going back to France for a month again :) Should be going to BC soon too (Y)


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looking good mate.

Whats the verdict on the new cwmcarn track?

The e13 bash is meant ot take impacts better. Its actually lexan based not glass and comes in owt between 22th on 52 or summat stupid like that so i'm guessing the 22 will be suitable for trials (Y) (or very slow downhillers (Y) )

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Ah f**k off james :P

The Cwmcarn track is nuts! Were not supposed to be riding it yet but it is seriously nice :P big jumps, berms and a step down, you jump over the XC track inot a big berm at the bottom, some mental rock slab drops.

Arg I love it, only managed to rider the bottom half though, but I was knackered due to just having done the XC track on it :P so I could not be arsed to achieve Mach 10. Also I had crashed on the XC course and battered my knee (I was going mach 10 at that point)

Oh and yes it does manual like a right beast :P

Stuey :P"

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