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  1. Thanks for the reply Adam
  2. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of aluminium the Czar 07 stock frame is made of? I have tried searching but can't find anything. Cheers, Adam
  3. The bleed is standard from when I recieved the brake (bought new last December). Yeah the pads are even on the rim and set square. Its just wierd how it only slips one way. Adam
  4. Hi, sorry if this has been asked before, can't find anything that answers my question. Right, my rear brake will hold and stop me when moving forward and landing on an object. But the issue I am having is it that it will slip backwards every time. Is this a case of me not pulling the brake lever hard enough? Or is there anything I can do to stop it slipping back? The brake setup I am using is the following: -Hs33 '05 with brake fluid -4-bolt heatsink brake booster -Phat pads with cnc backing -light grind Any help would be much appreciated. Is it worth me trying different pads? If so what pads would you recommend. Adam
  5. Get yourself a Horned frog. Easy to keep and look after as they pretty much stay in the same place waiting for food, they occasionally move to their water bowl but not very often. Mine is now feeding on medium-large mice. She has mainly been fed on mice since she was born. Here is a picture: She is the size of a clenched fist. If you were brave enough you could jump into the world of dart frogs but I wouldn't recommended it if you have had no experience with frogs before. Heres my fully planted setup for my darts: Here are the inmates, dendrobate leucomelas: Adam
  6. Hi, I got an Ipod touch for my birthday. I have one word of warning for you people: When buying songs to listen to buy them on Itunes on the your computer not Itunes on the actual touch itself as I've downloaded a few songs/albums which have now disappeared. Therefore have gone forever(I think) I think they go when you sync the ipod to your computer, thats what I've read on the internet. Anyone else had problems on their touchs? Other than that I love mine! Adam
  7. Sainsburys do a great ketchup! It tastes like tomatoes if that makes sense haha. I do like heinz but sainsburys homebrand would win! Adam
  8. Just donated some money via paypal Adam
  9. I've been lingering over this thread since the start but didn't have a clue what to write! It really has made an impact on my life reading and thinking about what happened. I never spoke to Oli but read many of his threads/car builds as they were very interesting. He seemed a very bright lad and is such a great loss. I really feel sorry for family and friends I can't begin to imagin how it feels! The forum is such a great community, I mean I don't ride anymore and haven't for a few years yet I check most days on the forum before I go to bed to see whats happening. I will definatly donate some money towards the mini thats for sure!! Hope everyone affected finds a way to over come this loss. Adam
  10. Damn I missed it!! Adam
  11. Yeah it's similar. I really liked his tattoo thats where I got the idea from. I drew my one freehand and took ideas from his as well as others and then let my tattooist shade it himself. Adam
  12. Damn nice looking site there Dan Looks very fresh Adam
  13. It's because its on my muscle so if my arms not in the position that i held it in when i had the stencil on my arm then the tattoo will be out of shape. Adam
  14. Got my first tattoo on thursday. I drew the design from various images i found and then let the artist do his thing with the shading in. I'm very happy with it, the picture doesn't do it much justice. It's on my left inner bicep Adam
  15. Cheers for all your help I think I may get the 22" one in the near future when my monitor decides to die completely