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New Frame Needed


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right atm i want a new frame

id like somethin like a vinco geo but without the pricetag

i like the look of the kot but im not sure how long till that is out an i need it within a few weeks to be honest

basicly i want a huge wheelbase bike with a high bb :unsure:

any sugestions of what else tehre is out tehre for under the £350 mark

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With a longer bike when your front wheels on something your bb rise really doesn't make much difference as your too high up anyway, thats what I've found with my T-Rex anyway. The T-Rex is a very nice frame for only £250 with 4 bolt mounts and a good strong design but if your looking for something else I'd say look at the Toxsin frame, Stan Shaw rides one and it looks rather nice, has BB rise im preety sure and is 1080, its like a coust with the rear end of a level boss. Hope that helped

James :unsure:

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