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  1. andy where are the dirt jumps. when i get my bike built i wana go ride there! really liked the vid ride soon. steve
  2. I'm fine thankyou Charlie how are you my dear boy? And Bongo you are correct ish, the background SHOULD stay the same, but looking at the above image Neils wheels are overlapping one another in many places and you can't see the one behind through the spokes because its been cut out around the outside, if Mike had masked the insides of the wheels you would see the other wheel behind it, see what I'm getting at?
  3. Stop being a little bitch and ride properly then? Ride in the shade Drink Water Take Ice Chill out when you get too hot Its just common sense, if you get to hot, stop for 10 minutes, cool down, rince cycle.
  4. Its going to be sick! I think the bournemouth boys are all coming up together, I know me and my brother will be! Won't be riding this year though, going to take my cameras instead, anyone know conditions for a press pass? How does everyone get booze in? Cause it well says no Booze...
  5. Gimme a call and I'll come give you a hand, didn't you f**k your leg last time we rode that?
  6. I wish people would stop being lazy in photoshop though, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to whack on the quick mask and cut out the gaps between spokes, just makes it look better IMO.
  7. riding in the rain makes things more difficult but if you just ride like normal when its next dry you can go bigger and better. it improves your balance and your control and it gives me more confodence for when its dry. if you dont have a gring then i would be very careful cos you will slip all over the place. wear a helmet and get out there Steve.
  8. Said like a true Bex boy.
  9. really nice bikes, i have always wanted a proper motor trials bikes. just out of intrest how much are you selling the monty for? thanks alot steve
  10. I just read the article and I'm having trouble remembering it... I also have filled my weekly quota this morning... damn.
  11. Please dear lord Pan, quicker shutter speed (adjust the aperture as needed) and try prefocusing (I know its hard during a ride but if you know where someone will land it'll get a nice image) End of photography student bit, nice shots in general, riding always looks good set to a blue sky! Keep it up
  12. I had Ashley complaining to me how he'd lost his balls since his knee injury and then you watch that... He does sicken me sometimes, and thats without him trying to understand why I ride trials not bmx... S'well good video though
  13. Last time I checked you were gay when you started sucking cock and having your own all at the same time! I well can't wait to get my nape done, does it hurt Si? I'm not really worried, just would like to know I can't imagine the needle slides through quite so quickly and effortlessly as my lobes did! Only about a month before I give blood again YAY!
  14. Is the official bungie answer. EDIT: Look at this... Thats the graphics.... oh my f**k....
  15. You cant do that with my mates, we we're all real sad during sixth form and play halo 2 pretty much solidly for two years... We all wanted atleast a full half of the screen, camping bastards, but still, we kicked the pixelated shit out of each other! I well can't wait for halo 3! I'm going to get a 360 after christmas, buy gears of war to tide me over then just wait! Its going to be good!
  16. I want to go to a pillow fight club! The Rules of pillow fight club are... tell everyone about pillow fight club turn up at pillow fight club venue with pillow hidden in plastic carrier bag at exact time pull pillow from bag and fight do not fight anyone without pillow in hand (unless they want it) sounds ace
  17. Janson do they just turn the lights out and start clocking people? LAST MAN STANDING WINNNNNNNNNNNNS! That'd be sooo amazin!
  18. Well if you've seen the opening scene to bond and liked it go watch District 13, you should've done it already! It's absolutely brilliant, and features the other french guy that isn't in Bond! Having seen the film I can say it was one of the most enjoyable bonds In a while! I loved Pierce as Bond, and Golden Eye is a brilliant BRILLIANT film! Casino royale blew that out of the water! The only thing is shamless ford, samsung, and sony plugs that drag away from the film and remind me of the adverts before the film! One last thing... How come I was the youngest person in the cinema, on opening day, and I'm 18??? I was sat there thinking I was about to watch Roger Moore rather than Daniel Craig...
  19. Consortium in Bournemouth on tuesday, me, my friend Fern and my mate Jon stroking my chin... I was 17, second ever time i'd got in somewhere... mental! I'll post some up of my mates 19th when I get round to scanning the polaroids... Enjoy.
  20. I've got two 4mm tunnels in my ears at the moment, they're sooooo small! Only reason I'm not bigger is cause I've so far not spent any money on stretching bar the £10 to get my ears pierced so I'm waiting for some friends to throw me a 5 and 8mm taper! I'm getting my nose done, my left lobe again, my right cartilidge(sp?) twice and my nape done after I give blood next! I'm well lookin forward to the nape! Gonna hurt like a little bitch!
  21. If you ask me its always good to see someone like Martyn post on here! And Waynio is right, very wise words indeed! James
  22. Here only for today apparently but meh, click it!
  23. I never got mine Jippy c**ts!
  24. I'm taking that trials forum is a mostly non smoking society, woop woop death to cancer sticks! Some people like smoking, and when I first went to uni I made some amazing friends because we smoked, you just congregate! Saying that alot of my friends don't smoke, they know I do, I just don't smoke in their faces! If I was at a social event that was non smoking, I wouldn't smoke, because like someone said its awfully un sociable and make you look like a complete berk! However other situations its like an icebreaker, like when I started work sat in the smokers room I was able to chat to everyone in there, and make nuemerous friends that way! It's horrible but true! It all boils down to somepeople smoke, others don't, get over it!
  25. I smoke about 4 a day on a weekday, unless i go out, and about 10 on a weekend cause I get bored at work and need something to do! I'd give up, if i wanted to but I dont. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow I will have beaten cancer, that and one in three of us will get it anyway! I might not, I could live till 100 and still be smoking! It's all a game of chance and each person makes their own decisions, and okay maybe finds out they wern't all that great, but smoking is something some people enjoy, same way I get asked why I ride trials, I dno, it's fun! Smoking isn't exactly fun, but its social and something to do and okay does give me some small enjoyment! It's easy to hand out justice if your not in the wrong aint it?