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My New Ride...


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ok, the story goes like this:

first you'v got to know i'm 5'6 short but nice guy :unsure:

after my zebdi died, i'v got me a nice echo es4r with 0 rise bb and felt way better with it. now i have an alibongo with +20 m"m bb rise, and longer top tube. i find it harder to pull on bunny hops and do gaps but is nice on the rear.

my question is:

1.do i need to put the stem higher? remember the bb is now higher then the echo.

2.do i need shorter stem? now its 75 m"m

3.is there any good in this longer frame?


my new ride:

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I just went from a giant to a bt and i cant bunny hop at all. So i learnt to pedal hop, now im going almost as high. Just practice.

Gapping seemed easier from day 1 its just a case of getting used to it.

I did have an echo stem on with no ride but when i changed to my fsa stem with 10degrees it rode much nicer as it compensated for the bb rise.

Just ride it alot and eventually itll feel way nicer, trust me, mine does. :o

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Its just being used to your old bike.

I was so bad with the length when i first got it, the second day i rode it i was doing a drop gap then a drop and i messed up so i decided id land just before the last drop when doing the gap on two wheels. i completely missjudged the length and went over the bars because my front wheel missed the wall i thought it wud land on. Being my giant it would have been fine, but not with my new lengthy beast, i fell 5foot onto my head with the bike falling after me.

thank god for my helmet! :">

just gives you an excuse to ride more, not that ive ever needed one! :o

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