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  1. There was almost too much awesome riding in there - could do with a bit of filler every so often so I can blink! Absolute love your style, can't wait to see more this year!
  2. Don't let it get you down! I'm back riding after pretty much a 2 year hiatus and finding my confidence has taken a massive hit. It's just a case of getting out as much as you can and remembering that it's supposed to be fun!! No sense in beating yourself up for being rusty, just keep at it
  4. Enjoyed that, John! 1:03
  5. Ey up!
  6. f**k yeah!
  7. Veeeeery swish guys. Really nice work. Loving the front wheel skills and all the tech, Ali. Who's the Amish @ 2:04? I haven't rided my trials bike for a year o.O, watching this has made me sad and also motivated. Time to sort my life out!
  8. f**k that was boring
  9. [/devilsadvocate] Seeing "Choreographer: Jack Meek" in the credits always makes me think of a certain scene from the film 'Black Swan'...
  10. Devils advocate; creative riding and simply doing bog standard moves on 'interesting' terrain are two entirely different things.
  11. Am I the only person who kneels then??
  12. She is so moist.
  13. f**k 'em.
  14. Disappointed.