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Yaaargh, Me Ankle Be Caning.

Mark W

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'lo all,

A few weeks back, I was upping some pallets in my back garden, and stepped off the back and kinda tweaked my ankle. Basically, the tendons running up the front of my ankle on to the top of my foot kinda hurt.

It hurt for a little bit, and if I did drops to two wheels but not landing them ultra smooth it hurt. Anyway, it kinda went away for the most part, or I just forgot about it, but tonight I was going for a 360 tyre-tap up and then down a wall, and I landed the last bit properly flat. Right ankle (the one I'd hurt) on the pedal, with the left off the pedal, so the right took all my weight and kinda bent down the back of the pedal spindle, if you see what I mean? Anyway, owwy owwy.

Has anyone else here got/had a similar sorta injury, and if so, how long did it take to clear up?

Thanks for any help,


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Aye, mine's very similar.

Quite a while ago, (in september?), when i was using rimjam blues ((N)), i went to roll to the edge of a curb, and they slipped, so i landed horribly, sideways on my ankle, and sprained it very badly. (Pics somewhere :P)

I let it heal pretty much, and was fine, untill about a month and a half ago, i rolled off this 1 foot drop, landed it with my foot too far backwards, so jolted it upwards. It was only a very minor sprain, and so i was fine to ride, but every so often, whenever i did something, and landed it ever so slightly wrong, (like you), i would be in agony for like 5 mins, but then be fine.

Then i did what you can see in my other topic, which luckily was a very minor sprain, but one of the guys we were staying with is an osteopath, so he had a fiddle, and after lots of stretching, and far too much cracking, seems to have fixed it all. So i'm gonna see if it still "twings" when i ride. (Y)

Best bet, try an osteopath. :)


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Cheers for the info, Mike (N)

I'll see how it goes for the next couple of days and see if it's any worse.

Just one more shitty thing that's happened to my body as a result of riding trials (can't smell/taste very well from when I caved my face in after faceplanting which also gave me a scar above my eye; scar on my chin; properly, properly raped knees; etc.). Still, trials is pretty much worth it (Y)


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I've got some lovely tendonitis in my right foot (Achilles tendon) from some ill-fitting snowboard boots. Really hurts when I run wear or my climbing shoes. But there's not much you can do apart from rest and wait.

Anyway, for your problem, just try and go easy on the ankle. I sprained both ankles really badly ages ago (Trying G-turns - never again!), and then I did it again. They are always clicking are are really weak. So um, let them heal. (N)

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i once landed funky.. and ripped the tendons in my left foot to shit... couldnt walk for days... but i was riding on it after about a week while it was still tender (BIG MISTAKE!) now its sensitive as fook... and ive damaged them a further two times on little petty things because i never let them heal proper...

all i will say is wait until they are totally healed.. dont be a dick and do what i did (N)


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