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My New Fr Bike


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Thats pritty good but you good do with some tripple clamp forks on the front and a high riser bars or stem so the front end is higher it would look and ride much better.

Spec please  (Y)

It's geometry is set up for a 5" fork. The most I'd put on it would be a 6" single crown so it still rode nice.

Nice bikes those Haro X series. Watch out for the Psylos though, there's lots of stories of the left (I think) side pretty much exploding lol. Get some disc wheels on there and matching tyres :- will look pretty bling then (Y)

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HARO X-2 2004 frame with 5" or 6" travel, with fox vanilla r' (pro-pedal)

fsa isis crancks

cane-creek head-set

fsa DH 400 handle-bar

pazaz 4 bolt stem

2003 rock shox psylo 125 m"m fork

deore shifters

shimano stx rear mech

shimano deore front mech

dmr bash guard

planet x bmf rear rim

wtb dual duty front rim

cat eye computer

src kevlar seat with titanium rails

ritchye seat post

panna-racer 2.5 front tyre

maxxis ignator 2.35rear tyre

shimano deore 555 front brake on 8" rotor

hayes hfx 9 rear disk brake

no problem with the psylo fork so far and i own it for 2 years now.

as you know its not my main ride because i like trials riding more.

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