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Ps2 Network Adapter


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Right, At christmas I bought myself A Network Adapter for my PS2, but couldn't connect it up because I didnt want to move my PS2 from my room to downstairs.

Anyway, now the computer is in my room connected to the internet etc, so I thought I might give it a go.

I've plugged it into the PS2, connected the lead into the adapter, then the other end to a LAN port (thingy) on the back of my computer. Is that the correct way to do it?

I've also made a network bridge for it to see if that will work, but when I plugged in the PS2 to the LAN, the computer didn't do anything. I thought it would of said Found New Hardware or something, but no.

I've got the Network CD in the PS2 and I'm trying to set it up so I can connect it, but it's saying "Cable not correctly connected."

Does anyone know what the correct way is?

Cheers :sleeping:

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USB Modem

It's A BT Voyager 105 Modem you get with AOL Broadband

You need an Ethernet modem for sure, otherwise you cant really do it.

If you want your PC running with the PS2 at the same time you should get a Ethernet modem, then a Router, then some Ethernet cables that way you'll be sorted and could connect 2 more things if needs be.

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Ok, sorry to bump up an old topic, but It's better then using A new one.

Anyway, I've got my Crossover cable plugged into the Network adapter, and the other end into a LAN port on the back of my computer.

But I still can't seem to make A connection :(

I go to make the Network Configuration, this is the setup:

It Says " What network hardware do you want to connect with?"

The only option is: SCE/Ethernet (Network Adaptor)

"Who is your Broadband Internet Service Provider?



BT Broadband

BT yahoo! Broadband



This is where I'm Stuck...

Please choose the Hardware Operation Mode for this device.If you are unsure, click Auto-Detect.


10BaseT Half-Duplex

10BaseT Full-Duplex

100BaseTX Half-Duplex

100BaseTX Full-Duplex

For all of them it says:

Please ensure your console network cable is connected, Continue?

So I click OK and then: Cable not correctly connected.

:( Can someone please help?

I'm stuck and confused...

EDIT: Added Pictures

LAN Port thing..On the back of my PC:


Back of Network Adapter:

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