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Bb Axle Length Question


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I was wondering i anyone knows where i can get hold of a long axled square tapered bb For all these new trials frames with short backends.

The bt6 for instance needs 127mm axle length

I used to have a 120something raceface signiture dh square taper that was sweet and never broke but that went with my last frame. You cant get lengths that long anymore

Wiggle are selling a 145mm version but i dont know if that will be strong enough?

I'm running 20t middleburn protrials 's


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i have a 127.5 x 68 square taper in my pitbull, means running a 20t ring though. Its hard to find a 73mm version but if you can then whack a spacer in the driveside (provided frame is 68mm) then you have an extra 5 mm of width (well on one side anyway).


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i havent actually bought a new frame yet but i didnt want to have to buy another set of cranks.

ive just found that the kot ms2 frames need 68mm bb and 122.5 for 22t

i run 20t so do you think i could get away with running a shorter length

Possibly. But I would go with a 122.5 to be safe.

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