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*how To Remove A Freewheel*


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Before you start you need to have the following things:

.....A freewheel removal tool


Thats a picture quickly got of the internet, others may vary slightly but its the four pins you need.

.....A vice not necessary but helpful

.....A long spanner preferable, to fit the nut shape of the freewheel tool, If you haven't got a long spanner then a long bar would help because the more leverage you have the easier it should come of.

Right to begin...(there are many methods this is the method that i find works for me)


Removing From the crank

1.Firstly rap you crank arm in cloth and tighten in vice, the cloth is only to stop the teeth of the vice indenting your crank arm.

2.Place the freewheel tool into the notches.(these are four distinctive notches on what would be the bb side)

3.Place the spanner or the desired tool onto the tool (+ Bar if you have one),

4.Push down on the spanner head or the rachet head to keep the freewheel tool from move out the notches,

5.Turn slowly yet constantly with reasonable force.

Then hopefully it would have came off, but if it hasnt you can try, placing the tool in the vice etc...

Quite tricky to remove....(a freewheel)


Removing from a rear wheel

You will need the same tools except the spanner.

1.Place the tool in a vice FIRMLY (dont be scared to tighten it alot)

2.place the tool in the notches of the freewheel again,(Obviously the wheel will still be on)

3.Slowly rotate..

4.Then the freewheel "should" undo

Extra tips..

***Sometimes helpful to have somebody else with you, to push down on the centre keeping the tool onto the freewheel.

***I know for sure ENO freewheels have an arrow on them telling you what way to undo them.

***Also you can bolt the freewheel romoving tool to the crank arm so this eliminates you having to exert pressure on the centre keeping it on.

***You can sit the freewheel in Boiling water for a few minutes also then continue with undo with a spanner or hitting it with a rubber mallet (Jerks the freewheel hopefully turning the thread a little until it is easily turnable)

This explains the Notches spoken about above


Hope i have helped, I know i would have benefitted from having this when i was new to this (Y)


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I really didnt,

I thought with all the new member topics floating around, someone is bound to need this...

Trust me i wouldnt have copied and pasted it :lol:

But in a strange way you saying that is good because it means i done a good guide :lol:, but i cant believe you would think that also...

Jeza (hope i helped to sme people)

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