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Side Hop


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I cant side hop at all but what I’ve gathered from seeing my mates do it, is if your right footed side hop to your left and visa versa, also when you are just about to take off get right down so your arse almost touches your tire. And then when you spring up your body will have more momentum which will pull the bike up, and then when you get up the wall crouch as low as you can and lean the bike over to the side which you hoped

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I think you have the general idea here :)

I balance on my rear wheel (Stationary) untill I'm just about to lose it, Then I compress, (I touch my ass to the rear wheel) Lean a little towards the way your going, Then make a sharp movement upwards with your body, But downwards on the pedals...

I think the key is a snappy,fast movement out of the blue from a balance point, Watch Nezza tunnicliffe (Sidehop genius) (Y)

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I think it's a matter of personal preference which way you sidehop. I know people that are left footed and sidehop to the left, it's all a matter of what feels best, also if you're going to be sidehopping to the right i'd recommend getting a fresh products tensioner to save your mech hanger.

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Well here is how I learnt.

I learnt just by trying to hop high not onto anytihng at all, which is pretty pointless but i just practiced tucking the bike up and just getting high. I did not balance on the back wheel I just went strauight from two wheels, but soon after I had to change my riding technique as what I was doing was wrong.


What you want to do is stay on two wheels, you want the bike a little back from the object you want to hop up and I will exsplain why in a mo. You should also have your front wheel closser to the object your hopping than the rear wheel. so you just want to lean by the opbject and get yourself ready to hop up whatever object you want to jump up.


After a while you will get to a moment where you feel ready to go for the hop. When you get to this point you want to go straight to the back wheel no hopping just straight onto the back wheel. This is why earlier I told you that you need to be a little futher back from the object you want to hop up. You put in a little kick to get you onto your backwheel, this will bring you up level with the object you want to hop up.


From this point you drop the front agen and drop your boddy aswell with the bike, you dont want to drop the front wheel to far to start with just a little so that you can get the momentum going for the hop.


When you release the power you have created you want to come up and just as your about to leave the floor you want to put in a little kick, this will give you the extra push to get up there. You also want to lean into the object aswell for obvious reasons :P .


From here you can go diffrent ways one way is to land your front wheel on the object and then lean forward to bring the back wheel up. This is easier but from my area if you side hop like this it doesnt count :P . Your second option is just going straight to the back wheel.

and there my friend is pretty much a "how-to" side hop.

hope ive helped in some way.


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