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  1. These were a staple last time I rode. Tartybikes doesn't seem to sell them anymore...what's the deal chaps?
  2. Nice vid man, makes me wonder if I could make a come back
  3. That was edited in such a way as to make a person on speed fall asleep. Also I leave trials for five minutes and everyone gets a bmx
  4. I live in London now. Haven't ridden my bike in a couple years but I'm in the process of assembling it so soon I'll be back, shitter than ever
  5. Man you're 33 years old and that's your reaction to someone else putting the effort in to make a video. Pathetic Edit: Just noticed you're American - situation explained
  6. Can't tell if people in comments are actual pieces of shit or just trolls
  7. Surely everyone can see how much of a bell end this stain is
  8. edit skill off da charts
  9. Fade to 20 seconds of black, I like it
  10. Really enjoyed that. Loved the comedy edit
  11. I liked the wheelie to pop shove it
  12. He told me about the pitbull guy, so I doubt he'd make that mistake
  13. anyone on a pitbull style frame? That was the word
  14. Does anyone know of any new riders that have started up in Hull? Apparently someone has been spotted, and I'm from the old era. Could start again if there were some sort of scene forming
  15. Surely the mods can at least give him a warning for doing this on a regular basis