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06 Echo Fixed Rear Hub


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Hi mate, well my mate has just had his new wheelset with the 06 echo fixed hub and he has been running that for around 3 week and his has been sound so far. But if i remember right, i saw a topic on here about a lad went for do a gap and the thread stripped on his new echo fixed hub so i dont no. could be good or could be bad?. Am not running one myself so cant judge.

Cheers !!!

Dan !!!

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to be honest i dont think the fixed hub's make any difference as they dont have to do anyfing apart from go round



Theres still pressure being driven through the cassette\cog!, It's not a safe bet at all, No hub is!

But They seem to be well made, Are from quite a good reliable company, So no reason why you shouldn't try buddy (Y)

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