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Bt Raven 6 Reviews?

Max M

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I was looking at getting a new stock frame and was condidering the BT Raven 6 (long) and was wandering what people who own or have ridden one think of them? Also, i will be using echo control forks which will make the bb rise about 35mm. i was wandering what this would be like in terms of taps, and if you would still recieve some of the benefits of a high bb without some of the drawbacks as its sort of in the middle in terms of height. Finally, what other suggestions for a new frame have people got? I'm 6'4" so it needs to be fairly long and i ride a mixture of both street and natural. I was also looking at the limey, adamant A1 and A2, any full bike pictures would be appreciated!



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hey mate.

ok first things first if u want prossibly a slightly biased opinion about the raven contact grantham cus he is sponsered by them (Y) .

ok second thing is when i rode his it doesnt like being on 2 wheels, it was made to be on the back wheel and bloody hell does it stay there :D . altho im not the best of riders ( see my sig if u dont believe me lol) i could hop this almost as good as my 20". its alot of fun but i have too say even at 6 ft 2/3" myself i thought that this beast was long(the bike that is :-:Plol). but at around the same height as me you should be alrite. i was tempted by the raven frame but as i dont ride 26 not much point to be honest lol. anyway if you need anymore help either pm patt (whose grantham) or reply in here or just go to the bt website (www.btbikes.com im sure uve got it just making sure)

good luck andy

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