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Check out the latest vid Terrrirrrigall. This video was filmed over 2 days up at Terrigal and Gosford - an hour or 2 north of Sydney. I used my relatively new Canon MVX3i on a small pocket tripod for most of the footage. Minor editing was done using Adobe Premiere pro and compression in Windows movie maker.

Gosford is full of junkies but Terrigal is a pretty remarkable spot, definately one of the best accessible spots we've found around Sydney. There are a lot of natural kickers with good flat run ups aswelll as nice technical lines.

Riders: Peace McCormack, Adam Kelly, Chris Quain and Simon Betteridge (myself).

Duration: 4:13min

Size: 44.8Mb

Music: Lacuna Coil - Humane


Guys, this is well worth the download! best vid simon has made i reckon!


Edited by Peace
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use internet explorer to get the video! also what frame are you riding peace looks beasty the riding was beasty too keep it up :D

Peace is riding a BT raven 6.0 others were Zoo Boas and a PX Zedbi.

Australia is amazing for Trials we have some great natural and I'm sure we've only discovered about 1% of it.

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I loved the video, really really did.

Really liked the wall up to wall up very smooth and cool, I really lovee your style on either bike Peace (Y)

Man I'd love to live there :( ...looks outside to see cold dark and lonely place with nothing to ride :(

Well worth the download for sure, do it, do it now!


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