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Motorola Slvr On Vodafone

on that? u must be joking

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I've just got one of these as an upgrade on vodafone:

Motorola SLVR

and i'm having issues. One of the soft keys (the ones which change their function depending on the current screen) has been locked to vodafone live when the screen shows the desktop. I can change the functions of most of the other keys in the settings, but not this one. Would unlocking the phone be likely to allow me to change the function of this so that i can stop accidentally connecting?



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I don't think that unlocking the phone would enable you remove it, but if you had the phone unbranded, then that might let you, not sure though, its just a sugestion.

To get that done, take your phone down to you local saturday/wednesday market, some dodgey dealer should do it for arround a tenna.

Hope I help.


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