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Why Carnt I Seem To Get A Good Front End Set Up


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:blink: I have tried lots of different forks and their either to heavy or to long i dont no which ones to get? I struggle to get the front end up because of this will a longer stem help as well as some suited forks?

please tell me what u think is a good set of forks light and not to long and is it worth getttin a longer stem to help me pull up better :rolleyes:


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If you're struggling to pull the front end up the forks won't have that much of a difference, it's not as if you're using lead forks or anything, it is more to do with the wheelbase of your frame and also length of chainstays, the shorter of both the better as you are closer to the axle which is the pivot point. A shorter stem would affect how it feels to pull up, i.e a shorter stem would pull up faster then a longer stem.

As for forks i would reccomend either the onza smart guys or echo urbans, they are probably the forks of choice for most stock riders, available in both 4-bolt/vee and disc combination yet are also light and strong with fairly short legs aswell. (Y)

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not being funny but not much use keep throwing money at stuff, why not ride more build up the muscles needed and keep doing it! if not could be the geometry of your frame increased BB rise whatever i say just go out and ride

Yes i know what you mean i have been building my muscles up its just the bike itself doesnt feel right when you go to pull it up i have some other forks ill put on instead of the ones ive got on now that might help because they are lower

thanks for your opinion (Y)

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