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2006 Echo Rim

sir trial a lot

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I'm really wanting a 2006 rear black echo rim for my zoo. I have a few questions.

1:Do you think it will look ok with a 2005 cnc'd rim up front (remembering the cnc front rim is only 31mm ish wide)

2:I dont really want a grind but ovbiously dont want the anodising on my braking surface. How can i remove it off the sidewalls? wet&dry paper?


John (Y)

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oooooooo, i thought that the anodised surface was much smoother than the bare metal. Ill just keep the anodised surface on in that case!! thanks for the help guys (Y)

An anodised surface is (basically) the normal surface of aluminium (aluminium oxide) but thicker than it would normally be and dyed to whatever colour. This is why you can get clear anodising which is where the extra thick Al2O3 simply hasn't been dyed. The thicker layer of oxide helps keep the metal in better condition and obviously the colour is much harder to scratch and damage etc.

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