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Diffrence Between "rim-crushers" And Hydro' Disk


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Literocola, are you a member of OTN?

Theres loads of guys there from in and around Denver (Manitou Springs, Fort Collins, CSU etc) that might be able to meet up and help you out with some stuff.

Apologies for the slightly harsh welcome, just slang/language barriers becoming apparent :)

Rim crushers are either V brakes (cable operated) or Magura brakes (hydraulically operated). Disks can also be hydraulically or cable operated. Disks on the back are generally not used due to the frame breaking problems and are sometimes high maintainance.

Magura rim brakes and V brakes can have the rim ground for better braking affect.

This produces an 'off/on' feel rather than a more progressive one, which is largely prefered on the rear whereas a front brake that can modulate is a great help.

Good luck!


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