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Noisy Mech?


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Right, no-one likes the sound of the mech beating the chainstays whenever you land the smallest drop, do they? This will stop that noise :- .

Should work for any shimano mech. Don't try it if you like the springiness - it's darn near impossible to put back (It is possible though). But you won't need to. Oh, and you can still use your gears (As long as you don't want more than 8 or so)

Here's the video (Thanks to Tox). If you can't be arsed downloading that - read on:

The video's dead now, sorry. But the guide should see you right.

1. Take the mech off the frame (undo that big bolt - 5mm allen key should do it)

2. Turn it over, so you can see the screw thread.

3. Holding the bolt in should be a small U-shaped piece of metal, a circlip.

4. Prise this off with a screwdriver (May need to swivel it around depending on your mech)

5. The whole lot will spring out, due to the spring inside.

6. Take the spring out and throw it somewhere (Or keep it, i'm not bothered)

7. Put everything, except the spring, back exactly how it was.

8. Bolt back onto the frame. It should now stay put (If it doesn't, try bolting it back on without the circlip - i've heard that works with some mechs).

Now you can be as smooth as me! Go and test it out :D

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it took me about 5mins to do...the only problem i had was that the jockey wheel was hitting the drive cog...so i had 2 change the screw at the back of the mech because it wasnt long enough...so i got a grub screw about 1 inch long...put a nut on the end and used that as the screw...ile get pics as its hard to explain/understand!


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you can sort this problem without taking the spring outon mechs tiagra and above.

just take the mech off and on the knuckle that contains the spring for the cage there should be a 1.5 or 2mm allenkey socket (what size ive forgot and cant be arsed to go look)when you undo this long thin bolt(it actually locates in a groovethat holds the chain cage to the main part of the mech,once apart you will see two holes that the spring locates in from new they are set in low tension so changing to the other hole gives the mech more chain tensioning power alone it does very little and the mech body will still hit the frame but if you set your chain length so that in you trials gear the cage (two jockey wheels ) are completeley vertical.because the cage is slightly off set to the cage pivot the jockey wheel/chain actually contacts the cassette before the mech can contact the frame.

problem solved and your mech is still fully functional though i would say it only works on sprockets of 14 and above im not sure about everyone else but the general favourite ratio in bedford(and theres alot of riders) is 22 chainring and 16 sprocket so it worked fine with us

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